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Three seconds and one goes January 24, 2008

Posted by dorigo in internet, news.

The new report on the state of the world’s children by UNICEF is out, and the picture it paints is not pretty. Death of children by malnutrition and impossible hygienical conditions is decreasing – that’s the good news – and, for the first time since a monitoring action started, the number of children who die before reaching five years of age is below 10 million.

Despite the decreasing trend I do not feel like rejoicing, since the thought that a kid is dying every three seconds, and in most cases for futile reasons whose ultimate cause is the insane, unjust way wealth is distributed in our world, leaves me ashamed. We can only enjoy our richness by rejecting the nagging thought that what we own is the result of our selfishness. We live in denial.



1. Guess Who - January 24, 2008

I venture to point out that if people who can not afford to raise children did not make them, the problem would not exist. I can’t and won’t accept any responsibility for their selfish indulgence in unsafe sex and its consequences.

2. dorigo - January 24, 2008

True GW, but their “selfish indulgence” is a behavior connected to their lack of education. Our own selfishness, instead, suggested us to spend money only on ways to save lives -which make us feel good-, rather than educating these populations to a less chaotic planning… And the resistence to programs attempting a really capillary diffusion of contraceptive means has made things harder. “Every sperm is sacred…”


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