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Julien leaves January 28, 2008

Posted by dorigo in personal, physics.

Today Julien Donini, for the last four years  a member of our CDF group in Padova, left for Grenoble, where he will join the ATLAS group there. I wished him good luck with a good dose of sadness, because he will leave a void. Julien worked side by side with me on the Z \to b \bar b analysis and on other CDF analyses, and it was a very fruitful collaboration. The fact that he is joining ATLAS instead than CMS is really an additional sour pill to swallow: if he had joined a group working in CMS, we could have continued to work together somehow, but this way it will be really impossible – unless we both join some averaging group!

Julien is the main author of the paper I linked in the post below. Without him, that paper would not have seen the light. I owe him for that. I think I repaid him with my friendship, and with a trick or two on data analysis. Ciao Julien, see you at CERN soon!



1. Julien - February 1, 2008

Thanks for the nice post Tommaso ! You never know what future is, maybe we will end up working together in some Higgs Mass Combination Working Group 😉
Ciao, I hope to see you soon !

2. goffredo - February 3, 2008

Ciao Julien. Enjoy Grenoble and your new group.


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