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Slideshow from Lisbon February 18, 2008

Posted by dorigo in personal, travel.


1. innovatel - February 19, 2008

I never see Lisbon … but I think it’s a beautiful city 🙂

2. dorigo - February 19, 2008

Yes, Lisbon is really interesting. A very varied landscape, also. Definitely worth a visit.


3. Vince - February 19, 2008


4. Amara - February 20, 2008

Nice slides!

Since I think you like aquariums, if you haven’t been yet, then there is a very good aquarium in Genova. When I visited that aquarium in 2003, I thought the penguins were over-the-top cute. 🙂

5. dorigo - February 20, 2008

Indeed I do like aquariums, and Genova is in my list… It is fun with the kids. I will go there one day.


6. Nikita Nikolaev - February 21, 2008

Excellent photos!

Such a beautiful ceiling of the church of Sao Roque! Anywhere I go, I always take a few moments to stand and stare at how beautiful the ceiling (and, perhaps, walls, too) can really be; then I go back home and look at my ceiling and my hands start itching at “may be I could do something with this as well…” 🙂

Also, sorry for perhaps a stupid question: do you understand (at least a very little bit) of Portuguese? I know your native language is Italian, and so I still cannot make it over this burden of mine that Spanish and Italian sound so very much the same to me, and I know that Spanish and Portuguese are very similar, hence the question.

I guess you will answer no (or yes, but for a different reason), in which case I will ask a further question: how much different are they? Do they languages have any common origin?

Thank you

7. dorigo - February 21, 2008

Hello Nikita,

no, I do not understand much of it. Maybe 30% ? It means that I get very simple sentences, with five words or less… Italian and Portuguese have something in common (several words of latin root) but it is not enough. I find Spanish much easier, but admittedly I have visited Spain many more times.


8. Nikita Nikolaev - February 21, 2008


I see. Thank you very much!


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