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Dwarfs and dancers February 21, 2008

Posted by dorigo in humor, news, politics.

Dwarfs and dancers, “Nani e ballerine”: this is the way italians call large incoherent aggregations designed to attract interest by their entertainment value. As the italian electoral campaign livens up, one sees definite trends in the formation of the main coalitions that seek a mandate to govern the country.

On one side we see the Democratic Party, whose leader Walter Veltroni bargained today an agreement with the Radicals, led by Emma Bonino (who is best known outside Italy as a former UE Commissioner for Humanitarian Aid, and is neither a dwarf nor a dancer), while showing the door to ex-DC Ciriaco De Mita, now 80 years old, after 45 years in the italian parliament -arguably, an expert dancer of the italian politics tango. De Mita takes offense, but a party which seeks to show some novelty in the political panorama cannot objectively rely on people like him. Instead, I salute as a very good idea the fact that 50% of the candidates for a seat in the italian parliament proposed in the lists of the democratic party will be women – but I remain a bit skeptical until I see that proposal materialize in a definitive electoral list.

On the other side the “Freedom Party” (Partito della Liberta’) led by Silvio Berlusconi made the news today by offering a candidacy to Aida Jespica, the supermodel and showgirl (see left). Jespica declines, saying she is not interested in italian politics. But worry not: we are going to see more dwarfs and dancers joining the electoral lists of PdL.

Showmen and women, singers, soccer players – there is a place for everybody, a big smile and a camera-ready face the only requisites. I still have in my mind the words of Gabriella Carlucci (right), a showgirl elected last time in Forza Italia (Berlusconi’s own party-company), who recently had the guts to oppose to the appointment of Luciano Maiani as President of CNR, openly criticizing his scientific curriculum: a good example of a failed occasion to shut up. How dare these dwarfs and dancers express a judgement on one of our best scientists ?

UPDATE: if you came here in search for “Gabriella Giammanco”, please click here for the story you are after.



1. Andrea Giammanco - February 22, 2008

About On.Carlucci: I don’t know if you have read the letter by Glashow in response to her lies.
You can read it here:
In the comments there is a counter-reply by On.Carlucci (and a comment by myself immediately after; it would be nice if some of the foreign readers of your blog take the time to leave a comment there, to say what they think about Maiani, Cabibbo and Parisi).

2. dorigo - February 22, 2008

Thank you Andrea… I just wrote another post using the information you provided.


3. Andrea Giammanco - February 22, 2008

Also Veltroni is candidating pretty women, but at least they are also bright:

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