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Gustavo Selva, artful italian March 6, 2008

Posted by dorigo in news, politics.

On. Gustavo Selva is an elderly politician of right area who recently joined Berlusconi’s new party-company, il Partito delle Liberta’. He once was a journalist, and was called “la Belva” (the beast) for the fierce attacks he used to launch on politicians of left area.

Now Gustavo Belva can be rightly scoffed for a disgusting fraud he made last June, when he found himself blocked in a big traffic jam in Rome as he was trying to reach the television studio of TV7, about to record a program which featured him as one of the guests.

What did Belva do ? He feigned a sudden collapse. An ambulance arrived to pick him up, and he soon “recovered”, and then convinced the driver to bring him to the TV studio in time for the recording. Ambulances were nearly the only vehicles that could move in the traffic in Rome that day, with George Bush visiting the city and causing a congestion due to the security measures.

Quite artful, quite italian. He even boasted about the fact later, during the recording, saying it was an “old trick” he had learned during his career as a journalist. But even in Italy these things can raise brows. He got processed for abuse, and news today report that he has been convicted to six months (of which, of course, he will spend none in prison), plus a ridiculous fine of 200 euros. 200 ? Twenty thousand would have been more appropriate.

I wonder whether such very italian behavior will fruit him more votes at the forthcoming elections, or whether his potential voters will rather stop and think at what they can expect from such scum.



1. Amara - March 6, 2008

Can you imagine what would Italian life be like without a bit of drama..?

And I think that I remember that day in Roma. 🙂

2. dorigo - March 6, 2008

Yes, June 9th 2007… Nice post by the way 🙂


3. Jester - March 6, 2008

Tommaso, what’s going on? New physics found at the Tevatron (arXiv:0803.0659v1) and no post from you?

4. dorigo - March 7, 2008

Hi Jester, 🙂 I know about that paper, and another one of similar content. I was in fact pondering on whether I should write about them… You triggered a post, I just published it. Not much insider information -just my down-to-earth opinions on the matter- but I hope you’ll enjoy them anyhow.


5. goffredo - March 7, 2008

At least Selva, a true jerk, will not run for re-election. What about Bassolino? This chap was applauded for years by the left. He is infact morally responsible for the disgusting situation in Naples and yet this artful and typical italian polititian has no intentions of resigning. He is truely paradigmatic of italian politics. Selva decided it best to not run again. Even Mastella will not run after the scandals he and his wife went through. Selva and Mastella decided to do non-typical things. Intead Bassolino feels he is still useful!

6. dorigo - March 7, 2008

Hi goffredo,

true, Bassolino is not doing the right thing. I think we cannot blame him alone, though, because the problem has been long-standing for decades. It is due to the interest of camorra.
You cannot praise Selva for not candidating himself again, though: he is well over 80 years old, and likely in search for a good reason to retire. This is it. Mastella is probably doing some calculation of sorts, instead – you will see him recycled very soon.


7. goffredo - March 7, 2008

I am NOT praising Selva. Nor Mastella. Selva did what he had to. Period.

Instead I find Bassolino unquestionably dispicable and only wonder about the nature of the grip he has on Veltroni’s family jewels.

8. Amara - March 7, 2008

Tommaso: your question regarding if such behavior (Selva’s) would increase votes, or not, for his party is good, but I confess that my observations of life in my former area (Rome) show that he is typical. To be ‘clever’ and ‘beat the system’ is almost like a sport to the people whom I lived amongst. Now you’re teaching me that such behavior in other parts of Italy would not be typical. That’s nice to know. 🙂

9. S - March 20, 2008

The article by dorigo is full of stereotypes against italians…
“Quite artful, quite italian…”
“… But even in Italy these things can raise brows…”
you should be ashame of this soft-racism. As disgusting as selva.

10. dorigo - March 20, 2008

Dear S,

au contraire: I rather sometimes feel ashamed of being italian.


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