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Where I stand March 28, 2008

Posted by dorigo in games, personal, politics.

I could not resist playing the vacuous game of putting my opinions on a two-axis plane, offered by kataweb. Below you can see the result.


Unsurprisingly, I am close to Veltroni and Bertinotti, and very far away from Berlusconi. Duh!



1. Fred - March 28, 2008

Hello Tommaso,

The (-/+) and (+/-) quadrants are empty. Are the Italian citizens that polarized, politically speaking, and how much is the real estate worth in the empty lots? Have you noticed how successful “The Surge” has been in restoring peace and order in Iraq lately as duly pointed out by McCain and most of our representatives and press here in the States? We are truly baffoons.

2. Andrea Giammanco - March 28, 2008

Veltroni should be much lower in the laic/confessional axis!
Everytime a cardinal says something, he is very fast in agreeing with him.

3. Guess Who - March 28, 2008

Funny graph: the right is on the left and the left is on the right?

Maybe not so funny: the Italian political spectrum is apparently orthogonal to my personal one, so I guess I wouldn’t be too happy living in Italy.

4. dorigo - March 28, 2008

Hi Fred,

indeed italian politics is strongly polarized by vatican influence, such that you can’t really be a progressist if you are a devout catholic. That is the price we pay to host the pope.

Andrea, I agree. I have no idea how they placed the faces on the graph, but sure the test is not very accurate either.

GW, good point – maybe we should turn it by 180 degrees, so that sinners go down and those with faith go up!


5. Amara - March 30, 2008

Here is a political quiz which is patterned after the famous Nolan chart quiz, which might encompass a larger political grid and, at the same time, finer resolution for understanding one’s political dimension.

6. dorigo - March 30, 2008

Thank you Amara, I’ll have a look…

7. goffredo - April 1, 2008

I did the political quiz of Amara and I turned out a right libertarian.
However the impression I had was that the questions were naively biased. I would have liked to see more subtle questions. “Are people that suffer social handicaps justified to any degree for their wrong doings?” or “What is more ethical: equal distribution of wealth or equal distibution of opportunities?” etc etc

8. Guess Who - April 1, 2008

Indeed goffredo, I figured you a conservative, not a libertarian.

I turned out to be orthogonal to world leaders, too. What a shock. I’m clearly on the wrong planet, not just in the wrong country.

9. goffredo - April 2, 2008

Hi Guess Who.
I am a libertarian in economics. In the social field I feel a person is free as long as he faces up to his INDIVIDUAL responsibility. So that puts me on the right. A libertarian to the root.
A conservative? In Italy I am probably too revolutionary. I would trash so many things. The whole system sucks.

10. dorigo - April 2, 2008

Jeff, a right libertarian is more or less how I picture you… But i know you outside of this blog too, so I am unable to say whether the image you picture of yourself through your writings here matches or not.

GW, I hear the rest of the solar system -starting with Mars of course- is populated by communists, so you are probably optimistic…

Jeff, do not confuse revolutionary with reactionary, please 😉


11. goffredo - April 2, 2008

When you go so far as to recommend I not confuse revolutionary with reactionary then you don’t know me at all. An instance of “confusion in the mind of the beholder?”


12. dorigo - April 2, 2008

Hi Jeff, hmm boy are you cranky! I was kidding of course.


13. Guess Who - April 2, 2008

TD, that’s so parochial. Who needs those Mars reds?



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