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SCI(bzaar)NET April 15, 2008

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I have been invited by David Orban, a friend and fellow blogger, to speak on the divulgation of Science next May 17th at the Scuola Politecnica di Design in Milano, at a meeting called SCI(bzaar)NET. The event, organized by Gianandrea Giacoma, is described in its web site as (my translation)

Subjects active in the net meet in a new way to ponder on the challenges that Internet poses to scientific divulgation, production of knowledge, and Open Culture in the academic world.”

The meeting will have three main threads:

  1. The hunger of scientific outreach: scientific research and the fast technological evolution are increasingly becoming, as is evident to all, among the main factors of change in the world and in our daily life. For these reasons a growing number of people, fascinated and awed, feel the need to understand and make their own opinion on the matter.
  2. Production of knowledge: if internet is historically connected to the academic world, on the other hand one cannot claim that the majority of researchers as indivudials and the italian University institutions have adopted these new instruments for a more advanced presence online and a more effective handling of knowledge, students, researchers, and professors.
  3. Open Culture: the growing impact of legal, economical, organizational and cultural scenarios of a diffusion of Open Culture in Universities under the pressure of internet.

I will contribute with a video, because I unfortunately cannot be there in person… On the following morning I am leaving to New Mexico for PPC 2008;. I am planning to post the video here, with a transcription (the language of the meeting is Italian…). The subject of my talk will be “Fare divulgazione scientifica con un blog: opportunita’ e limiti” (doing scientific outreach with a blog: opportunities and limits).

UPDATE – the name of this post has been modified according to the request of G.Giacoma on 4/23, reflecting the final name of the event.


1. davidorban - April 15, 2008

Thanks for your help, Tommaso! πŸ™‚
It will be very interesting to learn about your insights as an active researcher and online contributor. You told me that you were not sure you’d be able to shoot a nice video. Don’t worry: I will take care of the editing. Just point, and shoot:
– make sure you have the best possible lighting in front of you
– look straight in the camera, do not watch your image on any screen
– if you stumble, stop, collect your thoughts, and raise sheet of paper in front of your face for a couple of seconds to show where you restart (the paper will be cut together with the errors..)
– be yourself! πŸ™‚

When you are done upload the raw file to http://filedropper.com/ and let me have the resulting url.

Good luck!


2. dorigo - April 15, 2008

Hi David,

I have spent part of the afternoon watching the recent videos you posted in your blog. Quite interesting stuff! I feel sorry I cannot make it to SciNet, but another occasion will come soon.

As for the video, thanks for the suggestions. I will do as you say.


3. davidorban - April 16, 2008

Actually there are many more videos on http://youtube.com/davidorban that I didn’t have the time to talk about on the blog itself. Make sure to at least look at the list, so you can then decide which ones to watch…
Even better link is http://it.youtube.com/profile_videos?user=davidorban

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