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Experimental Searches for Dark Matter at the LHC April 22, 2008

Posted by dorigo in cosmology, news, personal, physics, science.

In twenty minutes the mini-workshop on Dark Matter at LHC that we organized for Physics students will start in Aula B at our Physics Department “Galileo Galilei”, here in Padova. I will be closing the workshop with a talk named as this post: which is both a good and a bad thing. It is good to have the last word, but it is not good to see other unmoderated talks straggling past their allotted time and the audience leaving to catch the last train before you had a chance of hypnotizing them.

In any case, I have prepared a reasonably light-weight presentation. The slides are unfortunately in Italian, but I will give a transcript here as an update, later this evening or tomorrow. They are tightly packed – a feature which I call a annoying defect in other people’s presentations, but I find always excusable in my own. No, really – the reason for filling the slides up with text is to make the slides usable without the speaker: a commendable, unselfish reason, you will agree.

So, please find the slides here. I will remove the link once I manage to put together a transcript, since I am running short of space in the public area where I store my stuff. Incidentally, I will have to find a solution for that. Does anybody have an advice on free sites offering permanent access to a Gig of disk space ?



1. Guess Who - April 22, 2008


turns up a whole bunch of them. Haven’t tried any myself though.

2. dorigo - April 22, 2008

Hmmm I will have a look. My problem is the persistence of the data stored there. I suppose I can trust it… I will keep a copy somewhere else offline tho – that should make it usable.


3. JJD - April 22, 2008

Open up a Gmail account for yourself and e-mail the materials that you wish to preserve to that account as attachments. Gmail provides a very large amount of permanent free storage.

4. dorigo - April 22, 2008


I am not that desperate – I need space accessible with an http address that I can link from my web site. WordPress has a suitable allowance for material, but I prefer having an independent site where I put stuff that is publically accessible…


5. Andrea Giammanco - April 23, 2008

Why do you show only ATLAS plots for dileptonic mass edges? Slide 39 is particularly upsetting since the plot there is done with a parametrized fast simulation, while the CMS results, by Massimiliano Chiorboli et al., are with full simulation (and are public since two years).
I’m not sure about slides 40 and 43 but I suspect that the same holds for them. I suggest you to contact Massimiliano (or to read the CMS TDR, volume 2, chapter about SUSY searches).

6. dorigo - April 23, 2008

Andrea, don’t be partisan. This was a seminar which had nothing to do with glorifying one experiment or the other. And the plots I showed were only examples. Nobody even noticed they were from one experiment or the other.


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