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All-time search engine terms May 1, 2008

Posted by dorigo in internet, personal.

This blog has been on air for more than two years, and it is time (one reason will be clear in the next post) to have a look at some of the information wordpress offers to its members concerning incoming traffic. I am not so interested in the volume of visitors as much as in what they are looking for when they come by, and I have thus always found very useful the yardstick provided by the “Search engine terms”: what people typed in the google search box to be directed to my site.

Let us first of all look at the all-time data, before attempting to provide warnings for caveats and the like.

  1. “tommaso dorigo”, 5857 searches
  2. “placenta”, 2089 searches
  3. “azores”, 1907 searches
  4. “quantum diaries”,  1672 searches
  5. “bubble chamber”, 1563 searches
  6. “steven hawking”, 1408 searches
  7. “funny road signs”, 1314 searches
  8. “lisa randall”, 1062 searches
  9. “bed”, 959 searches
  10. “quantum diaries survivor”, 949 searches
  11. “dorigo blog”, 880 searches
  12. “vegetable porn”,  743 searches
  13. “barmaid”,  739 searches
  14. “funny street signs”,  578 searches

and then we later also find

21. “how to do a tracheotomy”, 434 searches

23. “particle collision”, 412 searches

30. “pegah emambakhsh”, 315 searches

36. “fellatios”, 235 searches

43. “top mass”, 195 searches

44. “michel platini”, 195 searches


50. “tomasso dorigo”, 175 searches.

Now, let me try to make a few points about the naked and outrageous data I displayed above.

First of all, by reading the above list one might be tempted to believe that the blog is not about physics. Wrong. The conclusion is based on a biased trial function, if you pass me the french. People in the web search for a lot of different things, and only a tiny minority looks for physics: so, as embarassing as it is, I get more people looking for fellatios than for top mass measurements.

Another thing to note is the fact that by posting pictures a blog does increase its traffic. This is a slightly concealed datum in the list above, but it becomes clear if you find out that people looking for “placenta” were drawn to my site because I did post a picture of one -and I think there are not so many pictures of such a peculiar mass of flesh and blood. The same thing is clear if one notices “bed” and “azores”, which both are due to my posting pictures of those things in the past.

Other miscellaneous hints:

  • I am not the only one in the world who misspells Stephen Hawking’s first name.
  • Same goes with tracheostomy
  • And tragically, the number of people who misspell my own first name are about 3% of the total. Not a negligible signal.

Overall, it is a bit depressing to see the naked truth that many of your visitors came by by accident, and will never show up again -if not for another accident. But this is the internet. A community where people do what they like, and sometimes -rarely, but it does happen- try to learn something.



1. forrest noble - May 9, 2008

Yea Tommaso,

I see what you mean about the frequency of your name being misspelled the same way. Great stats. I’m going to put my book concerning Theoretical Physics and Cosmology on the net late summer or early fall. I’m just waiting on the editors right now. The copyrights go back to 1959, the last one of the complete text was copyrighted in 97, so when the editors finish I’ll copyright it again, then put it on the web. Most of the changes have been enhancement of theory, rather than changes, as new information comes in.

Will need to be aware of all stats that I may be able to use concerning the web site and related searches. Won’t be blogging. Just a
comment and question box for the reader where I will try to provide answers and evidence to support the theory, text assertions, and Predictions on a one to one basis. 99% of it will be telling them on what page to find it, even though there is a complete index.

I don’t expect to be getting the traffic that you’re getting but my son does know how I could get higher up on the response list of search engines.

I’m sure there are a lots of things that I could do, but right now don’t have a clue. My son was a multi-media major, which is a software applications major. I’m sure he’ll be able to help me to some extent.

When the time comes I’ll be asking a lot of advice, I’m sure a few sentences from you based upon your related experience would be very helpful.

your friend forrest

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