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Half-millionth click May 1, 2008

Posted by dorigo in internet, personal, physics.

If you just visited this blog (that is as I post this message, between 11.40 and 11.50PM on May 1st), you have a 10% chance of having generated its 500,000th view. Sorry, no red carpet, band with trumpets, or prize.

I believe about a third of the visitors are colleagues with some degree of parenthood -meaning they work in the same field I do, or similar ones. The rest are a 50-50 mix of non-physicists who are just interested in science, and occasional visitors who are not likely to hang around.

While I do enjoy the increased interaction I obtained in these years with fellow physicists, particularly theorists and people from whom I have a chance of learning something new, the class of readers that are dearest to me are the non-physicists who try to understand physics. It is to them that this blog is mostly aimed at.
Of course, I not always manage to write something that is both at the right level and interesting enough for them, but I do try to.

In any case, I thank all of you who visit this blog occasionally or regularly for giving me the encouragement and the stimulus to make this site worth the time I spend making it better and keeping it -hopefully- interesting and informative. I also use this occasion to encourage any of you who has something potentially worth a post, to submit it to me. You can get a feeling of what guest posts here may be by looking at the “guest post” page up here.



1. island - May 2, 2008

We should be thanking you for the opportunty to learn and contribute, but NO PRIZE?!?

That’s more than I can take.

2. Alexander W. Janssen - May 2, 2008

Keep up the good work!

Cheers, Alex.

3. Nick - May 2, 2008

I know I’m new to your blog, but I hope to be learning a lot from you in the future. People like you are one of the reasons I chose to become a physicist in the first place.


4. nonnaxay - May 2, 2008

4.Nonnaxay Souvannakhamphong – May 2,2008
Thank you so much for your courage that you give me.and I wish all of you to have a good chance with success for physicists in the first place,I always give you the courage too.we always say the power of dream is great,but not every person can realise his/her dream.when you realise your dream.what were you thinking about ? and what should we do with our success or failure ?.
Let us agree that no body can realize all their dreams,but every body can realize some part of their dreams,success and failure in small things and in larg things are great tools to direct our approach to life,we should be very honest with ourself what caused we to fail and just as important,what caused our success.some successful people do not understanding.
Why they were successful-this makes it difficult for them to repeat or extend the success not understanding.failure is also bad,but every body knows……
I wish you all the best and prosperous in your future work.
Thank you very much,

5. IceBogan - May 2, 2008

Don’t forget former physicists (like myself), for whom your blog is a great way to keep up with current activity in the field.

6. mike - May 2, 2008

I just found your blog a few months ago and I find it fascinating. It’s like a front row seat to the cutting edge of physics.

Thanks for sharing your experiences with us.

7. dorigo - May 2, 2008

hi all,

i’ll be brief – i’mn typing single-handedly due to a small accident.
thanks all for the encouragement and the support. i usually answer comments more promptly and one by one, but this time i’m physically prevented from doing so.

cheers all,

8. Neil B. - May 4, 2008

Well dorigo, your attitude is apparently in stark contrast to that at your bigger competitor “Cosmic Variance.” I am sure they have banned me, even though I didn’t make derogatory remarks etc. – maybe I just put up too much of my overeager, oft semi-informed musings; I don’t know. But now, even innocent little remarks about biofuels or nuclear fuel are soon gone (if the IP didn’t tip them off right away.) They even pulled some comments I posted from another computer under other names, with just faint hints of who I was – that means they took a chance that it might have been someone else.

They never bothered to warn me either, and I want to give Bee credit at Backreaction for having the courtesy to at least say a post is OT, to watch my step, etc. So I try to take heed. This is so much better than the underhanded approach against me at CV. A related issue has come up: Peter Woit complained at CV and his own blog about anonymous comments derogating him. His own post at his blog has attracted numerous other bloggers like Bee.

I hope a comparison like this is not out of order, if it is feel free to pull it.

9. dorigo - May 5, 2008

Hi Neil,

I do not look at cosmic variance as a competitor… Our blogs are quite different. Plus, of course, Sean is much better known as a blogger and as a scientist. In any case, I respect other people’s comments in blog threads as much as I respect other bloggers’ choices on what they censor. It is their choice, and it reflects in the quantity and quality of audience they get.


10. Neil B. - May 13, 2008

Noted out of respect for the CV administrators: Sean invited me back if I would behave myself. I said I would. Also, they had apparently sent me warning email, but I had used one of my “bot-fooler” fake email addys in the entry line – but I didn’t need to have, since AFAIK now, that doesn’t really appear on the page (only the web link one inputs.)

11. dorigo - May 13, 2008

I see. You did a good thing to post this then.

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