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So brilliant, and yet so stupid May 2, 2008

Posted by dorigo in personal, travel.

I am writing this single-handedly because of a stupid mistake. I am  spending this long week-end (1st of May is a holiday in Italy) in a nice mountain place in the austrian alps with family and friends, and I found a way to make things interesting…

I was carving a small wooden ship for Ilaria this afternoon, on the terrace of our hotel room, and I forgot that the blade should be always aimed in the opposite direction of your flesh. So as a hard piece of wood gave in all of a sudden, I found myself shocked, looking at a wide cut on the second finger of my left hand. The skin layer was parted, allowing a entertaining view of the bone, partly attacked by the violent blow. Blood was copious but fortunately not threatening.

After some initial trouble – arranging for a trip to an emergency room isn’t straightforward with two kids, one of them sleeping – things were straightened out. The tendon was not damaged, and four stitches did the job. I am still shocked, though, by how stupid I have been. In cases such as this, however, I tend to feel happy for the fact that things are easily repaired – bad luck could see me impaired in my playing the piano or typing for what’s left to live… And since I intend to live for a long while more, it would have really been disappointing!



1. Amara - May 3, 2008

Oh my! I am guessing that your small stupidity will have an inoculating effect for a very long time (and you’ll have stitches to remind you ;-)).

My small stupidity a month ago was riding my bicycle on the sidewalks like a teenager. I misjudged the distance down the curb to the parking lot pavement and the front wheel abruptly made the transition. So abruptly, and since momentum _is_ conserved, that the back wheel made a glorious arc over the front wheel, and I flew in a similar trajectory over the handlebars. And landed on my head/helmet. The helmet was the smart part, otherwise I wouldn’t be writing this message to you now. No broken bones, no backbone out of alignment, amazingly. But I have a cervical strain that still needs a few more weeks to heal completely.

It certainly has had an inoculating effect on _me_.. and it happened _before_ I got pregnant, so I’m riding my bicycle very carefully these days.

2. dorigo - May 3, 2008

Ciao Amara!

yes the helmet was a smart move. Overall you don’t look stupid because of the accident, since you walked away from it…
I am quite happy to hear from you btw, I was in fact guessing… Please take care these days!

3. Womens Health and Beauty Tips - May 4, 2008

oh, my…

lucky thing you had first aid fast.

I know of many man who refuse to seek help and many more who refuses to ask for direction even when helplessly lost.

For that, you are not stupid…

get well fast.

4. diamondsandrust - May 4, 2008

It seems to me you should have been using a Swiss Army Knife,the army always know what direction to take,or should do.

5. Alexander W. Janssen - May 4, 2008

Oh man! Bleeding fingers do bloody hurt.. 🙂 My last finger-accident brought me straight to the ER too; funny story: I had this glas-bowl full of soup and took it out of the microwave-oven when the glas-lid slipped. I wanted to catch it, but instead it let the bowl and the lid fall down – which shatterd to pieces, making quite a huge cut on my little left finger.

When my wife brought me to the ER the desk-clerk (a women) asked how that happened. I started to tell “Well you know, I wanted to heat up this bowl of soup…” – “MEN! Pah. Wait in room 2.” 😉

Get well –

6. Louise - May 4, 2008

I hope you recover soon. The good news from another branch of science is that regeneration of limbs (or at least of fingertips) seems to be just around the corner. If a salamander can do it, why not humans?

7. dorigo - May 5, 2008

well, yes, but it was kind of a no brainer – the wound was large, and it would never recover by itself.

Hi diamonds,
I was using a victorinox knife, which is dumb enough to cut better human flesh than wood 😦

Lol alex, that was adding insult to injury!

Hello Louise,

sure – I think the 21st century will be even more astounding than the 20th as far as innovations are concerned. And I am especially optimistic on the chances that these new ways one day will improve the lives of those like you and me who are still in their prime today 😉


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