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25 years after May 10, 2008

Posted by dorigo in personal, social life.

Yesterday I had a dinner I would not have missed for anything in the world. After a lot of work with internet searches and email exchanges, we were able to organize a rendez-vous with my colleagues of high school, some of which I had never ever seen again after the day of the last written test for the final exam, which in Italy is called “Maturità”, maturity exam.

We were able to get together only two-thirds of the class. 13 people willing to meet after so long time was already a result to be proud of and to look forward to. Italy is not a place where people tend to move away for travel: we tend to remain anchored to the places where we have our parents, and where we lived our childhood. Indeed, of the 13 people who met, only two were coming from outside the area (Antonino, from Mantova, and Gianluca, from Milano).

It was an immense pleasure to see some of them after 25 full years, and being able to take on the puns and the jokes where we had left them, as if time had not passed. Funnily, a bunch of 42- and 43-year-old men and women looked to me like a bunch of teenagers. It is still difficult for me to shake that impression, as I look at the pictures of the evening.

Here is my class 25 years ago, in front of our school:

Can you locate me ? Not too easy, but you should manage.

And here is the bunch who met yesterday, in Piazza Ferretto (Mestre):

Time passes for everybody, but we had a great time. We already agreed we will meet again in September, on a hopefully sunny Sunday on the beach of Lido di Venezia, for a lunch and a game of soccer, hoping that a few of the nine who missed the dinner yesterday will show up…



1. Myke - May 11, 2008

Maria says 5th from right at back…

2. dorigo - May 11, 2008

Hah! Nope. Riccardo, who did not come on Friday.


3. Mengumat - May 11, 2008

2nd from right at back?

4. dorigo - May 11, 2008

yep matteo, that was me back then…

5. David Orban - May 11, 2008

Is Francesco the one with the mustache on your side? 🙂
Say him ‘hello’!

6. dorigo - May 12, 2008

Yes he is. I will, ciao!

7. Pierluigi Lucchese - May 15, 2008

Hy Tommaso ….
what a “carrambata” !!
I’m GIGI (Lucchese)…
First of all … let me say that i really appreciate your initiative and your comment…
I had to be one ‘the lot but i had a misunderstanding with “my old friend” Paola (Mangini) and – anyway – I had another “unerasable” dinner …
I’ve already scheduled the new meeting in September, i’ll be ‘the lot!

P.S. take my libero account (it’s more “stable” … p.lucchese@libero.it)

8. dorigo - May 15, 2008

Hi Gigi,

ha, good that you come out of oblivion, but you should probably take the time to answer one of the emails we exchanged with all the other schoolmates recently.

So I look forward to meeting you in Lido next September 21st!


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