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Gabriella Giammanco May 15, 2008

Posted by dorigo in humor, internet, news, politics.
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The words in the title are a hot search topic in google. What is amusing is that today almost 400 readers (and there’s 6 hours to go as I write this) were directed to a post I wrote a while ago on Berlusconi’s party, which contained the word “Gabriella” in the text (it was actually on. Carlucci, an ex- TV girl notable for her physical appearance, who recently become famous for a funny diatriba with Glashow, Iliopoulos, and other star theorists) and the word “Giammanco” in the comments thread (it is the last name of Andrea, a fellow blogger who often writes here). Google isn’t that smart after all, or maybe we should blame the users.

In any case, I thought I would write something about Gabriella Giammanco, to greet visitors who come here to know about the newly elected italian congresswoman. Young and pretty, she rose to the honors of the press because Silvio Berlusconi, the new italian premier, wrote a romantic message to her (see picture, right), encouraging her to leave the congress sessions in case she had a romantic encounter. She allegedly replied she would accept romantic invitations from him only. Some enterprising reporter intercepted the messages, and the story boomed.

I realize I have no interest whatsoever in commenting this silly gossip, but I find it annoying that readers come to my blog and leave disappointed because they do not find what they are looking for. I feel I am a bad guest, so to speak… But really, dear reader, your interest in Gabriella Giammanco is a vacuous occupation. Please click on the “Physics made Easy” link above, or one of the entertaining blogs in my blogroll column, and you will end up learning something today!



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2. Roberto - May 15, 2008

Once again, you were faster than me. I’m also experiencing a flow of visitors since a couple of days (much less than 400/day, though) looking for “gabriella giammanco”, for exactly the same reason – a post on Gabriella Carlucci commented by Andrea.
And I was just wondering if I should post something on the subject – actually, I can as well put a link to here.
Bye, and keep up the good work.

3. Andrea Giammanco - May 16, 2008

just in case: no relationship whatsoever, between me and my more successfull homonymous 🙂

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