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Streaming video: results of 2/fb global search for BSM physics in CDF May 30, 2008

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Today at 16.00 CDT (until 17.30) Conor Henderson, a CDF collaborator, will give a “Wine and Cheese” talk at the Fermilab Wilson Hall on the global search for deviations from Standard Model expectations in 2 inverse femtobarns of Run-II data from 2-TeV proton-antiproton collisions provided by the Tevatron accelerator.

The live streaming video is available at this link. Unfortunately, however, the technology for providing wine and cheese through your LAN is not yet at hand. But it usually is a less-than-exciting wine, anyway.

In case you have a carpal-tunnel syndrome I feel obliged to say you need not strain your wrist by reaching for the mouse: let me make it easier for you and summarize the talk in one line – the Standard Model still rulez !

Yes, SM rules of course, but I am just kidding: the talk is in fact quite interesting. I strongly advise you to give a peek into this new exciting methodology of looking for tens of thousands of data distributions of all kinds, to be sure we are not missing something because of our short-sightedness and the dominance of SUSY scenarios for new physics.



1. Kea - May 31, 2008

One line? That’s only 5 words!

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