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Use the goddamn condom! June 9, 2008

Posted by dorigo in news, personal, science.
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The news today make me itch – it must be the summer approaching. I read that STDs (Sexually Transmitted Diseases) have been skyrocketing in Italy in recent years, because of lack of education of our children on the dangers of unprotected promiscuous sex. I have nothing against sex, nor against promiscuity, nor am I particularly fond of rubbing my penis against a piece of plastic. But the fact is, if we do not speak up with our children, they are exceedingly likely to get clamydia (see picture on the right), HPV (papillomavirus), or HIV.

Clamydia may be asymptomatic but has the potential to cause sterility. Papillomavirus exists in tens of varieties and may give genital warts, besides being a precursor of several tumoral conditions, including cervical and oropharyngeal cancer. HIV, it goes without saying, is the worse of all, giving rise to AIDS.

All the above viruses have increased dramatically in Italy in the last few years (except HIV, which has increased but not nearly as much as less life-threatening but still dangerous conditions), especially among youngsters. Apparently, in the mind of today’s italian teenagers, the only important thing to get protection against is a unwanted pregnancy. And since the “morning after pill” has been recognized as a simple way to avert disaster, and cycle-regulating contraceptive pills are now much more commonly used than they once were, the use of condoms has declined.

The result is an endemic of HPV and clamydia among girls below 20 years of age. All this while the advertisements of condoms have increased in national television, but leaflets instructing on the dangers of unprotected sex and on the correct way of using condoms are nowhere to be found in schools. Italy is schizophrenic on this matter. I think by and large the responsibility lays with the parents, who should talk more with their children about the importance of protecting oneself while having fun.

Because we want our children to have fun. We do, don’t we ? Or would we rather be fooled ? According to a study, only 5% of the parents of teenagers below 15 years of age know if their daughters have unprotected sex, on the face of 38% of them doing it. So, are we parents protecting our children or ourselves ?

My children are 9 and 5 years old. I will not let them grow past 12 without a thorough instruction, which I will be forced to give them myself, in the lack of a public service. Of this, I am afraid, we still have to thank the catholic church, which continues to fight with all its might against a more modern society.



1. wrf3 - June 9, 2008

So “modern” equals “hedonistic”? I am not RCC, but don’t blame them for having the worldview that the purpose of man is to glorify God, instead of the worldview that the purpose of man is to please him/herself.

2. dorigo - June 10, 2008

No wrf3, a modern society is just one where institutions tailor their action to the changing needs of citizens. If STDs increase, repression is not the answer, but education.


3. wrf3 - June 10, 2008

dorigo: No wrf3, a modern society is just one where institutions tailor their action to the changing needs of citizens.

And how is that different from what I said? You have man at the center of “modern” society (as if putting an positive-emotion adjective actually makes something so; it’s simply ad hominem in reverse), while the RCC puts an unchanging God at the center.

If STDs increase, repression is not the answer, but education.
This, too, is an empty statement. What is to be the message in the education? “Safe” hedonism is still hedonism.

4. dorigo - June 10, 2008

And what, if I may ask, is your problem with hedonism ? I am just advocating a more pragmatic approach to the problems of human beings, rather than stone-casting and preaching.


5. wrf3 - June 11, 2008

“stone-casting and preaching”? You’re the one trying to bolster your position with content-free but emotionally positive terms such as “modern” (hedonism certainly isn’t modern by any means), and “more pragmatic” while labeling a different approach with emotionally negative terms such as “stone-casting” and “repressive.”

A hedonistic society won’t last. At some point, the desires of the individual will overwhelm the needs of community, which will then lead to totalitarianism.

6. Fred - June 11, 2008

I can honestly say that I have not seen the word, “totalitarianism” written in quite some time. And without a doubt, hedonism will always be considered one of the primary elements of modernity.

7. forrest noble - June 12, 2008

I also agree somewhat that modernism is somewhat hedonistec. This is neither bad nor good I would assert. The advantage is that one would have less hang ups, the disadvantage is that there is less time to provide realization of your future, hence your possibilities decrease directly in proportion to your efforts to have a good time. Pleasure has its place in this world if it is not the dominant factor in one’s life; this is my contention. Wearing rubbers, no problem. A evolutionary selection for the more intelligent, maybe, which may end up all for the better as far as evolution of the species, sad to say.

your friend forrest

8. dorigo - June 12, 2008

Hi Forrest,

I like your matter-of-fact approach. Those who defend the catholic church and its strict, outdated rules sometimes look like they come from mars sometimes…


9. dorigo - June 12, 2008

Hi Fred,

yes, my perception of the two concepts is close to yours.

Wrf3, as for totalitarianism (I think I’ve never written this word before), the world leader whose ideas most closely resemble it is in very good relations with catholic church…


10. Arun - June 12, 2008
11. dorigo - June 12, 2008

Lol Arun, it’s a mad, mad world!


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