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Greetings from Limassol June 22, 2008

Posted by dorigo in physics.

Tough blogging these days. On Friday I was in Florence for a day, to discuss organizational matters with the colleagues of the italian CMS-Tracker community: a long meeting void of physics or anything vaguely resembling my field of expertise, to decide on funds, candidacies for the new project leader of the CMS Tracker, and other trivialities. Basically I was offline all day, given the seven hours I spent driving and the six at the meeting.

Then yesterday I had my hands itching from the lack of typing. I very much wanted to comment on the new paper by Mangano and Giddings, but I had to yield to the prospects of a boat trip on the sea with family, kids, and friends.

And today, I left early for a flight to Cyprus, via Wien. I am now typing from the lobby of Hotel Adriatica Miramare, in Limassol, after a taste of the Mediterranean sea (warm and calm, but the water was less clear than I expected – I think there are better beaches if one moves away from Limassol). What on Earth is going on there, you might well ask. Well, 190 members of CMS are gathering for the yearly off-site CMS week. The focus of the workshop will be on the final preparations before first collisions.

I also learned yesterday evening that I will be speaking here, this Wednesday morning, at the Electroweak session. Kind of a late warning, but I know what I am going to say. The problem, though, is that what I will be able to show depends entirely on the fate of a few batch jobs I submitted yesterday evening on the CERN batch system… But I am not going to let that spoil my week here. The sun is shining, the level of decibels is really low, and all I have to worry about tonight is what kind of food to eat. Oh, and a certain TV event. Spain will meet Italy at the quarter-finals of the European soccer championship. I am no soccer fan, but I will certainly watch the show!



1. nige - June 22, 2008

Well, the blue Mediterranean sea looks very clear and inviting in that picture. If it’s warm, that’s all that matters. I’m in England, about a half drive from the North Sea. However, despite some sunshine, the sea water remains not too many degrees above freezing (about fridge temperature), and visibility is zero due to the waves stirring up clouds of sediment. The only way to swim painlessly here is to use the heated indoor public swimming pool, which is crowded.

2. dorigo - June 23, 2008

Yeah Nige, swimming in the north sea does not sound like my kind of fun. But Great Britain inhabitants can cheer up: the island’s weather is so lousy that sea temperature really does not matter…


3. Chris - October 20, 2009

Limassol Cyprus – A Great Place To Visit And A Better Place To Live!

4. JAC - February 23, 2010

Cyprus has 53 beaches with blue flag status, and I think about 14 of them are Limassol beaches. Blue flag status is not easy to get, and there is strict criteria to gaining and keeping that status.

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