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Too hot to blog July 4, 2008

Posted by dorigo in personal, travel.

Italy has been under a heat wave since last week, and it is definitely beyond uncomfortable. So I am leaving to the alps early this weekend, and I’ll only be back on Monday… I expect sparsified blogging from there, because, while not too hot at 4300 ft above ground, it is definitely a place distracting from one’e keyboard.



1. pobept - July 4, 2008

Your so lucky to be able to take a weekend trip to the Alps!
Have fun :-))

2. carlbrannen - July 4, 2008

Perhaps it will relieve you a little to know that the monsoon season has arrived in Albuquerque, and the dusty desert town you recently visited is getting its yearly dose of water, typically in the afternoon. Hopefully it will dry early enough to allow fireworks to celebrate the date when the colonists told England to f-off.

3. Kea - July 4, 2008

We have snow to sea level. Have fun.

4. nige cook - July 6, 2008

Happy skiing in the mountains Tommaso, and in New Zealand Kea, but take care. A cousin of mine suffered a painful torn ligament after a fall and has had to have a complicated operation, even though she had been skiing regularly for decades. I’ve also known lots of people suffer broken bones while skiing, even when just jumping off the ski lift at the wrong moment! It’s probably safer to do water based activities. I’ve never known anyone who has been injured while windsurfing (apart from sunburn if not wearing waterproof sunscreen or a wetsuit).

Do the beaches get too overcrowded on the coast of Italy in the really hot weather?

5. Louise - July 7, 2008

HI Tommaso: You were fond of the giant remote control. You will be happy to hear that Space scientists have developed the mini-air conditioner. It is no larger than a hardcover book, so you can wear it on the back or around your neck. It cools the air and blows it in your face. Coming to a store soon!

6. dorigo - July 8, 2008

Hi all,

thanks Pop, Kea, Nige – it was a nice way to get some rest after a couple of crazy weeks. But I did not ski… That is only possible in a few places, and only for real ski addicts. We had some pleasant hikes though.

Nige, beaches are very crowded indeed. I do not even consider going to the beach in the Adriatic – muddy water, lots of people – and only go there (the Lido of Venezia) to have fun with my kids during Sundays. I’ll have some real sea vacation later this month, in Sardinia, where water is crystalline and people are more sparsified.

Hi Louise – great news! The mini-air-conditioner will be a necessary tool of the XXIst century climate-hostile polluter 😉

Cheers all,

7. oMan - July 13, 2008

Too hot? Come to Oman, in Muscat’s shopping malls there is 24°C

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