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Recent additions to the blogroll July 9, 2008

Posted by dorigo in Blogroll, internet, personal, physics.

Today I have important business to attend so I only point you to three recent additions to my blogroll column, which call for your attention, if you so please.

  • The Gauge Connection, by Marco Frasca. Marco is a theoretical physicist and he works on perturbative QCD. He just started writing about physics, to a level suitable for undergraduates and above. I hope he will lower the bar a little, with the aim of discussing complicated theory constructions as one could do in a bar. That would be some achievement! In any case, his blog is worth visiting.
  • Dialogos of Eide, by Plato. This is a blog devoted to science in general, with attention to cosmology, quantum gravity, and experimental developments. Also worth visiting, although if you have a slow internet connection you might find yourself cursing at the heavy images.
  • Se me lo dicevi prima, by Marco Schwarz. This is a blog in italian but hey, not all visitors here are anglophones anyways. Marco writes about a bit of everything, and I like his style.


1. nige cook - July 10, 2008

Thanks for the link to Frasca’s blog The Gauge Connection, which contains very interesting and informative posts.

2. Neil B. - July 11, 2008

I’m glad you added Dialogos of Eide to the blogroll. “Plato” comments often on Cosmic Variance, Backreaction, etc., and I find his perspectives to be literate and interesting sci/philosophical musings (and not the establishment scientist fodder – good for him.) Sometimes he reminds me of Guy Murchie, anyone remember him? (Music of the Spheres, Seven Mysteries of Life, etc.)

3. dorigo - July 12, 2008

Nige, yes, I hope Marco will steadily continue offering his didactic material.

Hi Neil,
yes, Plato also comments here sometimes. I do not know Guy Murchie though.


4. mfrasca - July 14, 2008

Hi Tommaso,

Thanks a lot for the citation and the comments. I think to keep on posting trying to explain the main results reached in gauge theories.
Currently I have added a post on QCD 08 but my aim is to post on regular basis if some external event will not prevent this.


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