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Alphabetical order in the blogroll July 11, 2008

Posted by dorigo in Blogroll, internet, personal.
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Just a short note to mention that I have decided to switch from a random to an alphabetically ordered list in the column of links to relevant other blogs -those I read and those I advise users of my site to give a peek at now and then (the two categories only partly intersect).

The reason is simple: despite the wide offer of blog feeds, collections, and other means by which one may get updated on what is being written in a collection of sites one wants to keep an eye on, I have never brought myself to using those tools. Maybe because I am fundamentally lazy -an old dog who wouldn’t learn a new trick- or maybe because I still enjoy going after information rather than having it showered on me on a regular basis.

Now, my blogroll column currently contains about fifty entries, and it grows sporadically -that is, whenever I have enough stamina to adjourn it. I have the habit of using that list to access the blogs, rather than my “blogs” folder in the preferites tab of my web browser (Mozilla), and a random list often causes me to scroll up and down in search for the link I need. That is stupid, and it has become a sufficient reason for abandoning my original idea of a “democratic” randomly compiled list which changes every time one accesses the main page of my blog.

So, I am sorry for Zerocold, or even worse for those links that get buried in the middle and never get a chance of a spot in the sunlight atop the list, but I am switching to an alphabetically ordered list today. There is an added bonus in the process: by making it easier for me to access the blogs I am linking, I make it easier for you too, in the hope that you, too, will use this blog as a default entry point for your visits to other sites. Or am I really the only one who still doesn’t uses blog feeds ?

UPDATE: Shoot! I just found out why I had been unable to change the order earlier on, when I gave it a try: as the WordPress FAQ explains, the theme I am using does not allow one to change the order of links!

Now I’m stuck to having to decide for a change of theme (which I really want to avoid), a frustrating retreat, or a bold advance into the new territory of a privately managed blog. If you know me, you’re likely to imagine what I will do.



1. Kea - July 11, 2008

LOL! I use blogs the same lazy way – I’m also an old dog. At least by doing without special feeds, I can kid myself that I don’t HAVE to check all the usual suspects every day ….

2. Androide 23 - July 11, 2008

A Quantum Dairies Survivor is now alphabetically ordered in my blogroll 🙂
Greetings from Manchester!

3. carlbrannen - July 11, 2008

I lost the ability to use the internet for four days a week or so ago, and found my physics productivity increased substantially. So I’m trying to cut down. And I use my blogroll the same way, so “cutting down” means reducing the number of blogs I’m following. If they didn’t have any interesting physics in the past 6 posts they got cut.

Not many survived, but AQDS did and it’s still alphabetically prominent.

4. Myke - July 12, 2008

Well, it’s either being slow-witted, unprofessional or lazy! It only takes a few minutes to change over to a sensible scheme…

5. dorigo - July 12, 2008

Hi Kea, maybe there is hope. In a decade or so, we will have computers that pamper us enough to make us feel less inept. Windows Mature, or MacBook viagra.

Thanks Android, greetings back from Villasimius (CA).

Carl, honored to pass the criterion, but I am sure it was a chance 🙂

Myke, I am both slow and lazy, but the main reason to stick to this scheme is that I do not like to confuse my audience. The means is the message: if the format changes, the message is that this site is not a fixed point, something one can trust for continuative, committed blogging.

Cheers all,

6. chimpanzee - July 15, 2008


you need to put in a “Recent Comments” section on the sidebar, so readers can find recent entries. Otherwise, they are forced to scan all the articles..& risk missing updates. Kea’s blog needs to do the same.

7. Janet16 - August 3, 2008

Super. It took almost a day to find this info. Thanks, great job. 🙂

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