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Back to the continent July 26, 2008

Posted by dorigo in personal, travel.
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My vacation to Sardinia is over, and it is with some regret that I write these few lines, from our cabin in the ship which will bring us from Golfo Aranci to Livorno tonight.

The regret is forceful, given the absolutely beautiful places I am leaving. The south-east coast of Sardinia is lined with wonderful beaches bordering azure waters, with a sandy bottom which extends for a mile out in the sea. I did enjoy them for two weeks, but this good time was in part affected by several work activities which I had to keep going. Just to mention one thing, yesterday afternoon I was on the wonderful beach of Villasimius. My kids were swimming with my wife, but I could not join them: I had to follow via EVO a meeting for the review of a draft which is going to become a new published limit for squarks and gluinos soon.

Later yesterday we rented a boat and visited a place which was literally brimming with many different varieties of fish, coming to eat the bread we had saved for them. Among the various species we could spot, we had a close encounter with two large, beautiful triggerfishes (the picture on the right is not mine, however). These animals are originary of the Red Sea, and have diffused in the southern Mediterranean only recently, allegedly because of the warming of its waters.

Swimming in the azure waters of Villasimius is like swimming in the Caribbean. I was particularly impressed by the water transparency, which allowed me to see 30, even 40 meters away even in shallow waters with sandy bottom. A good thing for neutrino experiments in the Mediterranean sea!



1. mrdakota - July 27, 2008

Oh my gosh. Sardinia! You, I’m jealous. I just mentioned it in my last post!

2. Frederic - July 27, 2008

Not sure it’s http://www.evo.com, might be http://evo.caltech.edu/ instead. (How can I create a link?)

3. Frederic - July 27, 2008

Ah, I see they’re created automatically. Great.

4. dorigo - July 27, 2008

Frederic, sure -I forgot to put the correct address while speed-typing the post 🙂


5. island - July 28, 2008

Titan Triggers are huge and fierce when they are nesting in the sand, so watch yer butt around them, or those rock-eaters will rip you a new one, buddy, and I am not just joking… 😉

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