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A picture from the CMS control room September 8, 2008

Posted by dorigo in news, physics.

Shown below, a picture from the CMS control room taken a minute ago, showing the event display while taking cosmics during a global run, with the solenoid turned on…

I am currently on the day shift, taking care of the CMS tracker. This just means looking at a graphical user interface (GUI) or two, and a few plots on four large monitors, checking that temperatures are stable, voltages remain within bounds, everything is on, etcetera. Most of all, one needs to verify that nothing turns orange or red. If it does, a little Albert Einstein icon can be clicked on the GUI, bringing up a window which guides the user through the checks and actions required to fix the problem. Quite a no-brainer. That is a very welcome feature of the system, since this is my first day of shift, and I have not received a proper training yet.

All in all, things still look a bit obscure to me – the control system is new and today is the first time I see it.  But event displays such as the one above… No explanation necessary: they make a lot of sense to me!



1. Guess Who - September 8, 2008

It’s good to see HEP technology quickly catching up with Hollywood. Remember the hilarious scene (one of many) in Terminator 3 where John Connor casually walks up to the controls of a largish synchrotron which he sees for the first time in his life and just starts it up?

P.S. Why does the spam filter hate me so much? 😦

2. Sven Heinemeyer - September 8, 2008

Hi there,

at least CMS has such a switch:

Cheers, Sven

3. dorigo - September 8, 2008

Hi Sven,

seen, liked, and used (see next post above)


4. Ronak Shah - September 10, 2008

hi this is ronak shahfrom india i am very much intrested in the video or the snaps of the big bang please if possible put the picture of that bang

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