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Event pictures!! September 10, 2008

Posted by dorigo in internet, news, physics, science.
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Lots of event pictures are available from the CMS web site specifically designed to comment on the activities going on today.

For instance, in the graphical display below, you can see the energy deposited in the calorimeter system (in blue) from beam-induced debris. The directionality of the energy flowing through CMS is obvious.

Check the others out here, where continuous updates are given.


1. rajendra Parmanik - September 10, 2008

good really good!!! thanks yaar for the nice pics

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3. happysphere - September 10, 2008

Hey! This picture only shows 3 dimensions!

4. Scott Fillmer - September 10, 2008

wow that is pretty cool stuff… just found your blog, interesting

5. dorigo - September 10, 2008

Hi Rajendra, thank you for visiting.

Happysphere, that’s because you did not get the right glasses.

Scott, thanks for visiting.


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7. Big Vlad - September 14, 2008

Hi Tomasso,

Can you tell me when the LHC is expected to have accumulated 10fb ^-1 of data? How about 30 etc? I’m sure I saw a graph of this information once but now I can’t find it.



8. dorigo - September 14, 2008

Hi Vlad,

no, actually precise LHC schedules are not available as far as I know. I mean, I have seen some graphs myself, but the schedule is constantly revised, so I think it is useless for practical purposes.

In any case, a ballpark estimate is not too hard to make. Before the winter 2008, estimates are between 5 and 40 inverse picobarns (at 10 TeV), most likely around 15/pb (the machine has done better than expected during this first week). Then, in six months of 2009 running, one might reasonably expect about 10 Ms run time, times a few 10^33 cm^-2 s^-1 = a few fb-1. Probably by the end of 2010 we’ll get well past 10/fb but I would think it far-fetched to hypothesize 30… I think estimates of this kind are really difficult, anyway, so of limited use.


9. Beautiful Pictures - September 26, 2008

very nice.

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