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The Say of the Day September 10, 2008

Posted by dorigo in games, humor, internet, news, physics, science.

Well, with things moving as fast as today – and with thousands of people around the world frantically clicking links, looking at video feeds, trying to make things make sense to them… Well, for today and maybe tomorrow I feel that “the Say of the Week” traditional post here becomes a daily thing. So here it is, your Say of the Day, nicely brought to you by Jester, talking about the LHC beams circulating smoothly in his quite appreciated live blogging today:

“Robert Aymar said that it’s working smooth as a roulette. I hope he didn’t mean Russian roulette.”



1. chimpanzee - September 10, 2008

There was a favorite joke (ad nauseum) of my advisor in grad school:

“The Spirit is Strong, but the Flesh is Weak”

which got mis-translated into Russian as:

“The Vodka is good, but the Flesh is Rotten:

Hopefully, there will be Champagne flowing to celebrate a successful LHC birthing (“new flesh” in the marketplace of particle accelerators).

2. La Dica del Giorno - September 12, 2008

Hi Tommaso, just for your information, “The Say of the Week” is not correct English. Perhaps you could say, “The Quote of the Week” or something like that. Of course, you are welcome to ignore this; actually I have sort of become attached to “The Say of the Week”, so I don’t mind either way, just thought you might like to know….

3. dorigo - September 12, 2008


I know, but it is on purpose. It has an antique flavor which I prefer to “the saying of the week”.


4. Rhino - September 24, 2008

Only fools are thirsty in the abundance of water

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