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Not a Say of the Week but… October 10, 2008

Posted by dorigo in humor, news, politics.
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I cannot log this in as a Say of the Week because it is a bit over the top, but I thought I’d record it here anyways, since it was well worth a sound laugh as I read it:

Bella donna, ma che tariffe!“.

Translating this is taking some of the punch away, at least for someone with a mediocre lexicon such as myself. I need to try anyways for you spoiled English monoglots:

“Beautiful woman, but what fees!”.

It is the ironic comment pronounced by Sabina Guzzanti, an italian comedian who had personally attacked the minister for equal opportunities, Mara Carfagna, during a show. Guzzanti had lingered on the topic of the sexual encounter between the ex-cover girl and the italian premier Silvio Berlusconi, which had allegedly fruited Carfagna a seat in the italian parliament. In response, Carfagna sued Guzzanti yesterday, asking for a million euro as a compensation for the defamatory remarks. The fees Guzzanti alludes to are of course the parliament seat itself and the million euros.

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