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Presidential love October 15, 2008

Posted by dorigo in humor, politics.
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It is not a mystery that George W. and Silvio are good friends. And I have nothing against that – I do not like either of them, so the fact that they are very close to each other makes things simpler for me. Also, Berlusconi is a very good friend of Putin, so that makes it even easier. They collectively activate the same neurons in my brain, in the part which does the simplest love/hate classifications.

Mind you, I do not “hate” them. I cannot bring myself to hate a person I have never met. But I get close to that feeling with these new-age tyrants. In any case, I cannot help feeling sympathy for the duo when I see such a string of demonstrations of friendship as the display they recently put together. The number of kisses, hugs, and pats on the back they entertained themselves with was enormous, and the pictures below (which I stole from Repubblica’s site) are just a sampler.

Italy and the US have never been so close before… I wonder the US will allow Italy to build a military base in its territory, to reciprocate the US bases in italian soil. It would be a nice act with which GW could end his flying color 8-year presidency.

…No way, huh ? Well then, why not just putting italian-passport holders on a priority line with no immigration checks at US airports ? That’d be still something.



1. Luboš Motl - October 15, 2008

Italy and the U.S. were even closer when your own party established its branches in New York and Chicago 100 years ago. I mean Cosa Nostra. 😉

2. dorigo - October 15, 2008

My own party ? You should not drink in the morning Lubos.

Besides, looking at the pics, that is exactly what they convey: cosa loro. Some high-level mafia put together by tycoons.


3. chimpanzee - October 15, 2008

I have a geologist friend (U of Arizona MS) who gave up on Industry/Academia. He makes similar comments on dirty politicians, & summarizes like this:

“It’s the Sewer Plant model: the turds rise to the top”

Call it Convergent Evolution, both Italy & America have similar political “boundary conditions”, which produce “turd leaders”. The saying “The Fish stinks from the Head” is apropro. I heard a Russian version (History Channel episode about Russian gangsters), which goes like “The fish rots from the head”.

There is a series on History Channel called “Gangland”, about organized street gangs in USA. These politicians are nothing but gangsters in suits (“posers”). There’s a gang everywhere: companies, city government, etc.

A successful .com company (Broadcom) run (into the ground) by a couple of ex-UCLA PhDs (CEO & CTO), who got caught up in a “power trip” (money, drugs, prostitutes, bribing politicians & sheriffs):

Dr. Nicholas and Mr. Hyde: Politics & Power

Inmate says he supplied Broadcom duo, O.C. sheriff with drugs

Inmate says he supplied Cocaine to ex-O.C. Sheriff

“Nicholas told plaintiff he was buying politicians & law enforcement [ !! ] & would be the next John Gotti”

“The contractors contended that Nicholas used “manipulation, lies, intimidation, and even death threats” to stiff them on the bulk of the money they were due. He also allegedly told them he’d have them killed if they ever talked about him or the work they did.”

Nicholas told others at Broadcom that he was a rare personality type that some psychologists call “the Mastermind.” (The Myers-Briggs and Keirsey personality tests, which are big in M.B.A. circles, group people into 16 different personality types, to which Keirsey gives labels, such as the Healer and the Inspector; Masterminds make up just 1 percent of the population.) Masterminds are supposed to be calculating perfectionists who have a disregard for authority—as well as for the feelings of others. “Great entrepreneurs generally have a single-minded focus,” says McNamee. “Often they don’t realize there might be another point of view.””

“Says this person, “I think he’s a victim of bad judgment and bad friends.” ”

The Broadcom “gang” crossed over to the Orange County Sheriff “gang” (incidentally, SUSY ’06 in Newport Beach was in the O.C. jurisdiction), for some joint collaboration. Just like Bush & Berlusconi were acting (head-butting) as if they had some collaboration. See above comment by Nicholas about buying politicians & sheriffs.

[ there’s more dirt on the ex-O.C. Sheriff Caronahere. 1 of the sons of an O.C. deputy sheriff (in the above, note that Dr. Henry Samueli was appointed as “deputy O.C. Sheriff” as part of corruption scheme), was convicted of raping a girl while drugged. I mean, SH*T, the trail of sex, drugs, rock-and-roll is pervasive from the teen-age kids to their Law Enforcement dads & their business-cronies!! Carona had a mistress in this whole sordid affair, & his wife dutifully accompanies the sh*tbag during his court appearances!! ]

I have had PERSONAL experience with these corrupt cops in Southern California. They TRAIN their recruits to break the law, I was such a victim in Pasadena (hometown of Caltech). Some of these bastards work as security at Caltech, & as recently as 2006, I ran into one on the Caltech campus who transgressed me. The infamous Rodney King incident (black guy being victimized with excessive force by white cops) happened just down the 210 freeway from Caltech, there was a group of cops, security guys, etc all involved (corrupt). My home was burglarized in ’94, & incredibly I made friends with the Pasadena Watch Commander (who was involved with my victimization by corrupt cops, see above). He admitted to me he was reprimanded for excessive force (who in the their right mind would admit this), & promised me “sure, we’ll break a door down for you to get your stuff back”. Man, this guy was going to BREAK THE LAW (on my behalf)!! SCARY.

Yeah, that’s right. Caltech is under the umbrella of Pasadena PD (& S. California cops in general), which is CORRUPT. Bobby Fisher ran into this, no kidding!

Lesson Learned:
Money & Power corrupts, & the result is Danger. Group think requires group action (gangs). Either you’re in, or you’re out. Think about it. Scientists are not “in” with politicians. The Bush administration have NO INTEREST in objective use of Science, only if Science is useful for their agenda

don87654 07-16-2002, 3:27 PM
“Southern California cops are just plain crooked, period! I was once a State of California Correctional Peace Officer at the California
Institute for Women at Frontera. We were taught in the Academy at Galt how to formulate evidence to make ourselves look good and victims to look bad. I refused to cater to this treatment and was fired by an abusive Lieutenant that was in charge of Internal Affairs at the time.
Later because of my outspoken stances on this, charges were levied against me involving vehicle tampering and simple assault and I was convicted of this by what appeared to be paid police witnesses. My attorney at the time, one of the best criminal lawyers in southern California, told me to pack my bags and leave town, which I did. It took him 8 long years to get my conviction erased from court records and to get the warrant for my arrest dropped by the court so I was no longer “wanted”. It does not matter where they are at….these California cops that completed the Academy in Los Angeles, or for the State, are just plain crooked–they are taught to be that way”

4. goffredo - October 15, 2008

Do only money and power corrupt? Does danger only come from that direction?

5. dorigo - October 16, 2008

I sure hope not Goffredo – I personally could easily get corrupted, but not by power nor money 😉


6. Luboš Motl - October 16, 2008

You should be proud about Silvio because it is the boss of the only old EU member state who realizes that attempts to significantly reduce CO2 output are suicidal.


Welcome to New Europe, Silvio, ciao! And you, Tommaso, should kiss Silvio, too.

7. changcho - October 16, 2008

Ah – such romantic pictures….they deserve each other (puaghh!!)

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