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NBC against italian judges on Amanda Knox’s innocence October 21, 2008

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Almost exactly one year ago Meredith Kercher (left), an English girl studying in Perugia, was found dead in her bedroom, in the apartment she rented along with another student, Amanda Knox (below). The setting appeared at once that of a sexual crime, but investigations were initially complicated by several factors, including Knox’s accusation of an african who was later found innocent, and the clear traces of a clumsy attempt at simulating the breaking in the apartment of an intruder through one of the windows.

The process has recently started, and of course it is attracting a lot of media attention. The killing and raping of a young woman, the nationality of the characters, the angel face of Amanda, are all headline-worth factors. Yesterday NBC broadcast a video of italian police operations, with lawyer Ann Bremner commenting on their ineptitude in handling the evidence, and claiming innocence for the US girl. The video shows italian policemen collecting samples without a hair protection, or blood stains without caring to retrieve a footprint. The italian investigators are infuriated by the video; they explain that the images do not refer to the apartment where the crime has been committed.

The NBC campaign is not the first ingerence of the US in the investigations. First, Joe Tacopina, a peculiar lawyer hired by ABC, had come to Italy to take the defense of Knox without her consent, and had accused the italian judges of incompetence, before moving on to deal with a soccer deal with the Roma team. Then Michael Heavey, a Seattle judge who is a neighbor of the Knox family, had written a letter to the italian judge directing the investigations, pleading the innocence of Amanda on the basis of his own conviction that she could not possibly be a criminal.

It looks like this case is going to stay hot in the news for a while. Since a verdict of innocence for the accused trio -Knox, Sollecito, Guede- is very unlikely, and since italian justice foresees up to three degrees of judgement before one can safely claim what the truth was (whatever that means), we are going to hear more of the story for quite a while.



1. goffredo - October 21, 2008

I think they should make a movie as there are many interesting characters and situations. I hope the americans do. Italian movies usually suck! The “Gamorra” movie is a wonderful exception. I hope it wins an Oscar.

2. Bruno - October 21, 2008

A woman who lived with Amanda and Meredith said that Meredith
became irritated with Amanda’s life style which said was marked
by use of drugs and promiscuity.In Amanda’s beauty case there were
condons and a vibrator.

3. wynne - October 21, 2008

Oh, come on. Let’s get real. The other girls did drugs too. The guys in the house below said that the girls did not buy their own drugs though and got them from others. Unless Amanda’s beauty case was see-through, then how else would they have seen it unless they went through her stuff? Condoms and a vibrator? Oh god, what college girl DOESN’T have a vibrator. You have to take these things with a grain of salt sometimes. Amanda wrote, to give the prison in response to her HIV positive test (which was “false positive”, they later told her), that she slept with 7 people total. That’s hardly promiscuous these days and has been falsely claimed by Italian media to be 7 people “in Italy”. As many other things falsely claimed by their media. Seems to me that Amanda’s “American” lifestyle was different than the Europeans, but that is hardly case for murder. As far as we know, it was a cultural difference. Of course, these friends are on the prosecution’s side so it’s also very subjective.

The prosecution will have to prove a connection between Rudy and the other two. There is no real connection shown for Rudy to Amanda or Raffaele. The evidence is scant for the others and heavy against him. Rudy was apparently known for harassing girls and being a drug dealer. I mean, he went partying after the murder! Didn’t call the cops. Nothing. Then ran. Rudy also, in a tapped phone call by Interpol, when he fled stated that he was certain Amanda was not there. Now he claims that they are trying to frame him! In addition, why would Meredith, the victim, who had a boyfriend, have consensual sex with this guy?

4. dorigo - October 21, 2008

Hi Jeff, yes, a movie might be made with this story. About italian movies, the quality is varied. There are several good movie makers, but I understand you dislike them for political reasons.

Bruno, what exactly worries you in condoms and vibrators ? I think this is exactly what should not be done -trying to judge a murder case by the morality of the accused ones. Shame on you.

Winne, ok, but I think some of your points are also weak. What does it give us the fact that Guede stated “Amanda was not there” ? He might have believed the others would not testify against him, it might mean anything. The most important thing to me is that they all largely lied to the investigators. This really smells bad. And then there are blood stains in the knives and other proof.


5. goffredo - October 21, 2008

Tommaso. I dislike most italian movies for esthetic reasons. The ideological slants are like the cherry on the cake.

6. Eduardo Roselli - October 22, 2008

Ma andate tutti un po’ a fanculo, va! I’m an Italian from Florence, and I’m sickened to see how the American media jumps on story like this, ready to criticize and belittle the italian judicial system, when you guys have people like OJ Simpson running around free, not to mention the ridiculous handling of the Phil Spector case. Please, all those who like to take the ‘high and mighty’ approach, get off your high horses! All of sudden, because the girl is American, the media suddenly cares about what is going on in Italy. If just Guede and Sollecito were implicated in this horrible story, no one would be saying a thing about how the the Italians are handling this thing. Look at yourselves before pointing your righteous fingers!

7. Bruno - October 22, 2008

I do believe that the american media think Amanda be a vergin.
She is not.Futhermore we are sick and tired of your antics.Do me
a favour,wait and see the outcome.As far as I am concerned
Amanda a nice good looking american girl,one day she will be
a italian woman.

8. Jeff - October 22, 2008

Eduardo Roselli. Fanculo to you too.

9. Anonymous - October 22, 2008

As long as the Italian justice system just focuses on the truth, and not “what Americans think” or “what Italians think” (or completely immaterial things like vibrators and virginity), there’s nothing to be concerned about. Truth, which is independent of politics, is what we all want justice systems to find.

10. goffredo - October 22, 2008

in Italy truth and justice are not respected. There never has been a tradition of any truth being cleanly uncovered, extracted. “Truth” has always slipped away and sunk in intellectual quicksand or raped right and left in the confusion. People “believe” that “truth” does not “really” “exist” but is a matter or interpretation. As a consequence the very notion of “personal responsibility” is devalued to the point that if you dare mention it people stare at you with a dumb expression or with partisan hostility. No system of justice can work if the notions of truth and responsibility are merely figments of imagination.

11. Anonymous - October 22, 2008

doesn’t mean they can’t try, or that we can’t hope.

12. dorigo - October 23, 2008

Ok, this thread is officially closed, thanks for everybody who managed to discuss things without insulting each other.


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