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Live streaming for the radio interview November 22, 2008

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In less than an hour I will participate in the program “Caccia al Fotone”, aired by Radio Città Fujiko, on 103.1FM (if you are in Italy). If you want to follow it on the internet, there is a streaming available:

You can send an SMS or an email to ask questions. See the site of the program for directions.


1. Luboš Motl - November 22, 2008

Listen to the NPR program about the CDF ghost events:

[audio src="http://podcasts.odiogo.com/get_mp3.mp3?f=/the-reference-frame/The_Reference_Frame-CDF_sees_dark_unified_SUSY_in_lepton_jets.mp3" /]

2. Luboš Motl - November 22, 2008

Hover over the previous link and click the “Play” triangle button in the left lower corner to play the audio.

3. cacciafotone - November 22, 2008

hi all… thanks for listening!
this is url to download “muonic podcast”

[audio src="http://www.cacciafotone.it/archivio-puntate/mp3/2008-11-22.mp3" /]

4. Alexziller - November 25, 2008

I found quite sad that no italian media reported this. I hope they will come on it maybe later.
I also found remarkably sad that typing “dorigo” on news.google.it you get the first 2 pages of results for Luca Dorigo, an italian showbiz macho from a typical italian garbage talk-show.
But maybe things will change, one day, even in this country. Thanks for the nice blog and the interview I considered well done from the p.o.v of science communication.


5. dorigo - November 25, 2008

Hi Alex,

do you find sad that science is not for everybody ? I am not sure. It is certainly worth fighting for more space for science in the media, but if we ever got to the level of exposure of talk shows I would be worried.

About the interview, the merit is all of the host.


6. Alexziller - November 25, 2008


I find sad that proportions are extremly bad for science in italian press/tv/web. Ok, I have no numbers, but watching italian and international channels and reading press and web-press I have the feeling, there is something like 99% of no-science related content in Italy, while in other countries like UK and Germany (where I live) you get much more. [what’s your opinion about US media?]

Of course I did not mean that the level of exposure should be that of talk-show, but that these overwhelm definetely too much in Italy. I desire science (and research in general, fundamental and applied), its beauty and its importance having a stronger impact on more people , enough to get a wider effective consensus about science and research in general (I remark “effective”, because everybody agrees by speaking, but nobody cares of better founding research in Italy at the end). I know there are people around here believeing science cannot by definition be cool and fashinating, or if you try to make it like this you risk to injure real science. I agree on this point.
But before saying quality of science implies its beeing elitist (which worked maybe at the time of Newton), we have to consider the world we have nowadays where science (and research in general) cannot be funded by illuminated aristocrats (who definetely are not ruling in Italy) but where science requires large investements and a wide political consensus. And we have to face the “italian scenario” where a plumber has a much higher status than a scientist.
So, why LHC, Tevatron, ITER, Google are very unlikely to occurr in Italy? the reasons can be many and complex, but I think some of them are about mentality, media and public understanding of science.

Sorry for some OT.

Best, Alex

PS: my statement on google.news was not about “science for everybody”, but just about “no science for everybody in italy”. Please try to type your name on news.google.de or just click this link.


In germany the issue of CDF collaboration appears first at place n.3 (quite large article on the popular but high level journal “Frankfurter Allgemeine” at the section Knowledge/Physics) in Italy first at n.8 (small article on La Repubblica delle Donne). Why?

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