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The Say of the Week November 28, 2008

Posted by dorigo in games, humor.

This sentence has thre erors

(courtesy J.Wyss)



1. tomate - November 28, 2008

Nice, kind of a barber paradox.

2. cormac - November 28, 2008

what’s the third one?

3. bozox - November 28, 2008

The miscount of errors.

4. Chase - November 28, 2008

Presumably the missing period is the third error. Sorry, couldn’t resist.

5. Kea - November 28, 2008

No full stop.

6. giampi - November 28, 2008

lovely, you stinking liar 🙂
wait… is J Wyss, the Jeff Wyss who worked on SLD?

7. dorigo - November 28, 2008

Yes Giampi, he’s the one.
Kea, you must be kidding me!


8. Kea - November 29, 2008

Tommaso, there is no full stop, dammit! Now it would have been funnier if he’d said, “This sentence has thre erors.”

9. dorigo - November 29, 2008

Kea, ok. There is no full stop, damnit. To me it is still fun, but I acknowledge there are people who nit-pick more than I usually do (and my standards are pretty high!).


10. jeffwyss - November 29, 2008

The sentence is not mine. I’ve been using it for didactic reasons for some time now (years) now and forgot where I first read it. Maybe Hofstadter, but unlikely as I think the last book or article I’ve read by him is a few years old. Highest chance I read it in one of many books by John D. Barrow.


p.s. ciao Giampi. Si sono io

11. jeffwyss - November 29, 2008

The missing period is an extraneous mistake that might have happened if TD used cut-and-paste. But the we can make n=4 version easy enough

“This sentence has for erors”

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