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The moon occults Venus this evening! December 1, 2008

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A very nice conjunction between bright objects in the sky tonight: at 17.20 the crescent moon will occult Venus, while passing very close to Jupiter. Do not miss the event if you at all can, even a pair of binoculars will provide a lot of detail. Unfortunately, northern Italy is under clouds… The picture below shows the trajectories of Venus from different italian cities… If I find one picture showing more data for european observers I will post it here.

UPDATE: here are a few ingress-egress times for british observers.

UPDATE: This site has a lot of detailed information on the event.



1. Jonathan - December 1, 2008

I hadn’t expected to have any clear skies here in Galicia, so didn’t bring a tripod or strong zoom lens to work, but I did get a few shots, just after Venus came out from behind the moon.


Did you have clear skies?


2. dorigo - December 1, 2008

Unfortunately not… There was a mean cloud right around the south-western horizon… Nice pictures in your site!

3. Nawnie - December 2, 2008

This day was my birthday in the year 1955. It was a wonderful sight to see and capture! From what I have read this sighting will not come around until the year 2052. Such a great gift from above…

4. Amos - December 3, 2008

Are you going to post part iv of multi-muons, or is it dead?

I learn a lot from this blog.

5. dorigo - December 3, 2008

No, no it isn’t dead… I only did not have much time lately. It will come.

Happy birthday, then, Nawnie. 2052 ? That sucks. I saw one about ten years ago, so I thought it was not that infrequent…


6. Kea - December 3, 2008

My colleagues at the cafe were only excited about the Smiley Face with the crescent mouth, at 10pm Wed night NZ time.

7. Kea - December 3, 2008

That they got the time wrong is of no concern, because the weather has not been cooperating. Here – someone’s photos.

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