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And he finally does time December 5, 2008

Posted by dorigo in news.
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I usually don’t feel anything close to rejoicing when somebody gets imprisoned. The very concept of a society which can only defend itself by locking away some of its citizens sounds wrong to my illuminist mind. There has to be a better way, although there seems to be none. An improvement of our penitentiaries, and the quality of life of inmates, would at least be a step in the right direction. Nowadays, however, there are more urgent concerns, admittedly.

So, I do not generally like the idea, but this time I am making an exception. The way OJ Simpson escaped a charge of murder, in 1995, had left me disgusted. I always feel bad when justice gets fooled, and in the case of Nicole’s murder I have zero doubts that such was the case. A dream team of lawyers, a hot case with possible racial issues, and the attention of world media created the conditions for a biased trial. OJ got away with it back then.

But it appears that one can have such a piece of luck only once. This time, he was sort of framed -or he was really, really stupid. Or probably both. Maybe he did not really know his pals were armed when he broke in the Las Vegas hotel to take possession of some pictures and memorabilia, about one year ago. In any case, framed or not, he is going to do at least six years in prison, since he was given 15.

I do not know too well the story behind the crime he’s been punished for, but a man willing to risk big to get back some items of not high commercial value he claims he had been stolen, must have something not working too well in his mind. So a part of me rather than feeling happy for a murderer in jail, feels sorry for him. What a sorry ending for a once world-famous athlete and actor!

NB title changed – just happened to re-read it: had a wrong verb! Italians sometimes confuse “to make” with “to do” ….



1. Mandeep - December 6, 2008

T- i’m totally with you on this — it is *such* a relief to finally see *some* kind of justice be served with this guilty as sin man. I *only* hope there is no chance he can get off with any appeal. -M

2. Frank Wilhoit - December 6, 2008

There is literally and exactly no reason to suppose that the outcome of any American legal proceeding reflects the facts. When a crime is committed, no effort is made to determine who actually committed it. Instead, a name is picked off of a list maintained by the political party locally in power and evidence is fabricated. To a first and perhaps to a second or third approximation, everyone in an American prison was falsely convicted based upon fabricated evidence and the carefully cultivated mystique of infallibility of police, prosecutors, and judges, all of whom are politicians and each more corrupt than the others.

3. Mandeep - December 7, 2008

Wow — that is an incredibly jaded perspective on the US justice system. and not quite accurate. it is very fallible, sure, and racist, and unfair at times, and somewhat arbitrary — but those are all at what i (and most Americans would agree) is at later than *zero’th* order. just to state it simplistically: *at* zero’th order — the majority of those behind bars committed some crime worthy of incarceration, and the majority of those who commit crimes worthy of incarceration are incarcerated.

It’s really a perspective issue — it’s similar in my view to saying the US is no longer a democracy, etc. etc. a very supported argument *could* be made about how bad and failed things are — and yet, we just elected an *African-American* President, after some 230 yrs of history (also, viz. the first sentence of his election night speech).

And *that* rocks.

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