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Election time December 9, 2008

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It’s election time in CDF. We have to elect a new Spokesperson (or renew the existing one) to flank Jacobo Konigsberg; and it’s election time in CDF-Italy too: we have an italian coordinator of the italian groups participating in the experiment. There, Luciano Ristori (who has been recently insigned of the prestigious Panofsky prize, incidentally) needs to be confirmed or replaced.

I am for the status quo. I think CDF is running great, and the organization works very well. Three years ago, when Rob Roser was elected, I did not plaud at the choice – I thought there were better candidates. But I must say Rob did extremely well for the experiment, and he has my vote now. Together with Jaco, he solved the management problems very effectively, and CDF seems to be running by itself right now.

The alternatives to Rob Roser are Ashutosh Kotwal (Duke University) and Mario Martinez Perez (IFAE). I think they are good candidates, but I have my doubts that they would be able to run CDF for the best interest of science.

As for CDF-Italy, I also am for the status quo: Luciano is impartial, he has a huge experience and he has shown to be a very good manager of the large italian community of CDF scientists. His competitors have less experience, and provide less insurance that they would work for the benefit of all.

These are my two cents… If my candidates of choice do not get renewed, I will be happy to be proven wrong of course!



1. carlbrannen - December 10, 2008


re elections, US citizens still have to choose between the more or less equally corrupt Republican and Democratic parties. The Democratic governor of Illinois (think Fermilab) who had the right to choose the senate successor to Barrack Obama just got arrested by the FBI for trying to sell the position. In the US, Chicago is considered to be one of the cities whose politicians are the most corrupt. The governor is also accused of trying to force a children’s hospital to send him $50,000 in cash. The governor was elected as a reform candidate.

And in another strange turn of US politics this past week, the House seat for New Orleans has turned Republican for the first time since 1898. Democrat William Jefferson had been found with $90,000 in US cash in the freezer of his refrigerator years ago but despite this was reelected in 2006.

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