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Pope Benedict for regime change January 8, 2009

Posted by dorigo in history, news, politics, religion.
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As the israeli offensive in Gaza intensifies, and the body count surpasses the 600 units -most of them civilians, as is unfortunately common to all contemporary wars, despite the “high moral standards” of the israeli armi and the “intelligence” of its bombs- talks for a truce are getting nowhere, and it is plain to see that the IDF will not stop until they reach their goals, whatever those are.

In the meantime, we record Pope Benedict pitching in to ask for regime change, the rationale being that these leaders cannot sit at a peace table:

It is very important that, in occasion of the crucial electoral dates for many inhabitants of the region in the forthcoming months, capable leaders can emerge, who can further with resolution this process and to guide their peoples toward the difficult but necessary reconciliation, to which it will be not possible to get without adopting a global approach to the problems of those countries […]. (Translation by TD)

A reasonable thought but, being the sarcastic SOB that I am, I cannot help wondering if the Vatican is going to follow words with facts. Regime change is something we have heard George W. asking insistently for Iraq, before deciding for a direct action. After the probable failure of the Pope’s auspices, will the Vatican send troops as they did less than a millennium ago ?


1. Luboš Motl - January 8, 2009

This is a pretty entertaining opinion of the Holy Father. One of the main reasons why this operation took place is exactly to please the voters. Ehud Barak was becoming invisible and this energized him and restored his place in politics.


Even though I have some respect to the boss of the Church and a similar desire for long-lived peace, the idea that the politicians on either side gain support by being peaceful to the other side is ludicrous.

By the way, does Benedict speak in Italian or is there another language that you’ve mastered even more intensely than English where you write “israeli armi” instead of “Israeli army”? 😉

2. dorigo - January 8, 2009

You’re right Lubos, and thanks for teaching capitalization to me. I appreciate that kind of bugging.


3. Luboš Motl - January 8, 2009

I was mainly teaching you I/Y which is more serious! In the Czech language, I/Y are pronounced in the same way, so kids have to learn where to write each.

After H CH K R D T N, you write Y. After Ž Š Č Ř C J Ď Ť Ň, you must put I. But after the mixed consonants, B F L M P S V Z, it is mixed. So children must memorize 5-30 “exceptional” words for each of these consonants where Y is written. Otherwise it’s I. Hard job but most children learn it to some extent. 😉

Army is not among the exceptional words after M but only because it is not a word of a Czech origin.

dorigo - January 8, 2009

Thank you for the (uncalled-for) Czech lesson… It does not make the language any more appealing that it seemed to me before I read those absurd rules!


4. GR - January 8, 2009

The pope? How many divisions has he got?

dorigo - January 8, 2009

He has only some ridiculous guards, but I am sure that if he were to call for a guerra santa, he would find a lot of deranged people for an army. After all aren’t more than a billion people catholic ? Even one every 10,000 would make a pretty good army.


5. Luboš Motl - January 8, 2009

Dear Tommaso, there are all kinds of difficult things in Czech – for example complex declination of nouns that is rather similar to Latin, that language that was so great and decent before it degenerated into Italian. At any rate, you will have to learn the official language of the EU, anyway. 😉

6. Just for the record - January 9, 2009

For more information take a look here:

dorigo - January 10, 2009

Yes, I saw the video, and there is nothing I did not know already. Do you think that justifies the war crimes that Israel is committing in Gaza ? I reiterate the question I posed elsewhere: do you really want the world to perceive Israel and Hamas at the same level of bestiality ? Your army has been killing those children for two weeks now. You should find the guts to express some criticism toward the deeds of your army.


7. Just for the record - January 9, 2009

Here is another good one:

8. Just for the record - January 10, 2009

This war is purely light (Israel) against darkness (Islamic fanatics). This war also provides a true hope for the Palestinian people, for otherwise they will remain captured in a violent and primitive phase for a long long time. Any war has its innocent casualties. However, without some wars there will be orders of magnitude more casualties and more misery. For instance, Hitler could not be stopped by peaceful activities. Nor does fundamental Islam.

Have another look:

dorigo - January 10, 2009

“light” against “darkness” ? You sound a fanatic to me.

Go tell that to the mothers and fathers whose kids your army has slaughtered. Your country is creating the fanatics they say they want to eradicate. Anti-war people in palestine are being eradicated by your bombs, because they would be inhuman if they did not grow a sense of hatred for what your country is doing to them.

Your reply looks like coming from an indoctrinated kid, no less than the ones your videos show. I suggest that you try to bring more intelligent arguments here if you want to try and persuade of the motives of this war instructed, educated people who know history and are not anti-semitic as you have learned to accuse anybody objects the militarism of your country.

Because I appreciate your culture and your history it really bothers me seeing how far your learning of violence after WWII has gone.


9. Just for the record - January 10, 2009

The fathers and mothers whose kids my army has “slaughtered” are exactly those brutal killers who are dreaming slaughtering me and my kids. Thank God, they have been shutting down, and the awful cost some of their children pay, is definitely on their merit. You will not understand this until it will come to your kids (and it probably will because the goals of fundamental Islam also includes you). Anyway, manifesting classical symptoms of heavy anti-Israeli feelings, I find it useless arguing with you at this point.
BTW, take a look at this:

and at the following amazing story:

10. Just for the record - January 10, 2009

Perhaps you should see this as well (an education program broadcast in national Palestinian TV):

11. dorigo - January 10, 2009

Ok, I see – you are unable to bring more intelligent arguments than just the old “eye for eye” and the even older “anti-israeli” to whomever questions your right to kill civilians. Yes, better if you leave civilized sites, there’s plenty of sites where you can feel more at ease, without anybody challenging your dubious capabilities.


12. Just for the record - January 10, 2009

Dear Tommaso,
Do not underestimate my capabilities. Especially not the intellectual ones. Believe me, they are not inferior to yours. Take care, anyway 🙂

13. dorigo - January 10, 2009

“Your” capabilities ? You are an anonymous bug here. Come back to reality. Until you show your face, your arguments are worth zero in the internet. Anybody can post with your same handle here, saying “oh, I am sorry, I am such a jerk, I realize now I was wrong.” So if you want to discuss with civilized people in a civilized manner, and pretend your arguments are taken seriously, leave your name and email.


14. SC&A - January 10, 2009

There is no such thing as a disproportionate response to calls for genocide. Period.

Israelis do not drag other Israelis out into the streets, where they are summarily executed. Palestinians are only too happy to shoot each other in their unannounced civil war, fought to secure control in the Palestinian Territories- and fought to secure the billions in aid that will be stolen by corrupt regimes.

Occupations are ended when there is peace. We did not leave Germany or Japan before they had secure and democratic governments and were well on their way to building productive societies. We are staying the course in Iraq until a government can prove it’s inclusiveness and stability, and we will not leave until violence is subdued by Iraq troops, if not entirely ended.

The Israelis are being asked to end their occupation of territory won in a succession of wars they did not want or ask for, before any promise or guarantee of peace with her neighbors. Indeed, Palestinian factions and the Arabs nations who support and encourage them are promising more violence and the ‘slaughter of Jews’ in the future. The lessons learned- or not learned, is that in the Arab world, wars can be started and lost with impunity, and that there are no negative consequences for such behavior. The Arab world has learned that civilized behaviors and exchanges among nations are irrelevant.

The occupation of Gaza and the West Bank came as the result of an Arab started war of annihilation. The promise was to ‘drive the Jews onto the sea.’ You can be sure their visceral hatred will overcome any false illusions at even the appearance of a peace process. Hamas and Hizbollah have been armed and rearmed as foreign aid is used to buy weapons and Palestinian and Arab media spew hate. 24/7.

Welcome to the real world.

15. Just for the record - January 10, 2009

Well, as an anonymous bug visiting your blog, I can tell – it certainly stinks…

16. dorigo - January 10, 2009

And here it is, the clarification on how civil, intelligent you are.

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