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Slow but sure January 19, 2009

Posted by dorigo in Uncategorized.

Just a quick note – I am getting slow in answering comments these days. That is probably the outcome of the few threads which have developed under my controversial posts on the Gaza war. The comments left there by supporters of the israeli military action on one side, and by supporters of peace on the other side, have been piling up in my “comments managing” page, hiding the good comments on physics posts under them.

I am taking care of answering all comments now, but it takes some time… If you left a comment here a few days ago and checked back later finding it unanswered, check back now.



1. Amos - January 19, 2009

If you stuck to physics to begin with, you wouldn’t have this problem.

And by the way — no-one reads your blog for your political views. We come for the physics.

dorigo - January 19, 2009

Dear Amos,
what makes you think you know better than me what people come here for ?

2. Amos - January 19, 2009

That’s a fair point. But there are oodles of politics, and Middle-East in particular, blogs written by specialists, with wide audiences, and Middle-East politics does not seem to be an area in which you have much to add. So it was an assumption on my part which I believed, and continue to believe, it a reasonable one.

3. dorigo - January 19, 2009

Agreed – my blog is a place where I do physics outreach, as much as a place where I let go with my verbal hemorrhages about whatever I see fit to discuss. Sorry if it does not match your expectations, nor those of other readers. I have stuck to the same recipe for three years now, and hits have continued to grow steadily, so I see no reason to worry.


4. Amos - January 19, 2009

Why don’t you put up a poll. Who:

(a) Wants Dorigo to stick to topics with which he is familiar, particularly physics, some chess, and occasionally matters of local Italian news or politics.


(b) Wants Dorigo to post generally on topics with which he is not familiar, such as accusing democracies in regions he does not live in of committing war crimes?

I would just add, by the way, the following: One fundamental difference between supporters of Israel and supporters of Hamas and the Palestinians, is that supporters of Israel are actually offended when Israel is accused of war crimes and genocide. Hamas, the Palestinians, and their supporters don’t care. I think that should show you who is part of civilization, and who isn’t.

dorigo - January 19, 2009

But Amos, don’t you think you are claiming for yourself some privileges you do not deserve here ? I own the site, and I do the polls here, not you.

In any case, since I am truly democratic in my spirit, I let this stay at its place. Only, do not expect that a poll like this goes a long way. First, not many read it. Second, it is strongly biased, as any free-subscription poll. And if it turned out to have a thousand answers, all against my blogging on things “I am not familiar with”, what should I care ? I write here because I like to, not for being liked, nor for getting more visitors. If I wanted the former, I would definitely avoid politics; if I wanted the latter, I would discuss sex, soccer, and celebrities. So please get back to your senses and, if you will, keep commenting about my wrong ideas, but drop this silly attitude of teaching me what to write here.

About the latter sentence you write above, I mostly agree, are you surprised by that ? I have said it many times here, please check back my posts from the start of the Gaza attacks: I reproach Israel because I expect more from them.


5. Amos - January 19, 2009


You do have a point as to privileges.

But it was you who complained about the response to your post — a response so vociferous that you had to start deleting comments.

6. Calmwinds - January 21, 2009

I come here as a random reader, because I find his views interesting. I do not know who Amos is talking about when he says ‘we’.

7. sciencetourist - January 23, 2009

Write about what you want. If someone doesn’t want to read it, they shouldn’t.

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