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Babysitting this week February 1, 2009

Posted by dorigo in news, personal, physics.
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Blogging is one of the activities that will get slightly reduced this week, along with others that are not strictly necessary for my survival. Mariarosa has left for Athens this morning with three high-school classes of her school, Liceo Foscarini. They will visit Greece for a whole week, and be back to Venice on Saturday.

I am not scared by the obligation of having to care for my two kids, and I do like such challenges -I maintain that my wife should not complain too much when it is me who leaves for a week, much more frequently- but of course the management of our family life will take all of my spare time, plus some.

Blogging material, in the meantime, is piling up. There are beautiful results coming out of CDF these days (isn’t that becoming a rule?). Furthermore, recently the Tevatron has been running excellently, and the LHC seems in the middle of a crisis over whether to risk a second, colossal failure by pushing the energy up to 10 TeV to put the Tevatron off the table in the shortest time possible, or to play it safe and keep the collision energy at 6 TeV, accepting the risk of being scooped of the most juicy bits of physics left over to party with.

And multi-muons keep me busy these days. Besides the starting analysis in the CMS-Padova group, there are papers worth discussing in the arxiv. This one was published a few days ago, and we had in Padova last Thursday one of the authors, Thomas Gehrmann, discussing QCD calculations of event shapes observables in a seminar- which of course allowed me to chat with him about his hunch on the hidden valley scenarios he discusses in his paper. More on these things next week, after I set my kids to sleep!


1. Andrea Giammanco - February 1, 2009

At the Chamonix meeting with the machine people, both the CMS and ATLAS managements will insist on the physics case for 10 TeV.
There was an interesting “all CMS meeting” on this, I don’t know if you could attend it. Simulations at 10 TeV, rescaled to 6 TeV, show that with 100 pb-1 (the expected integrated luminosity for LHC – I have no feeling whether this figure is optimistic or pessimistic) there is no single measurement where LHC can be competitive with Tevatron, while at 10 TeV the sheer kinematics makes a few things already quite interesting.

2. dorigo - February 1, 2009

Yes Andrea, I saw the slides. The physics case is very clear to me, but I doubt that the management will go all in for the risk of 10 TeV. What I expect is that they’ll say 10 now and they’ll deliver 8 this summer.

I wanted to blog about this but it is really restricted information… Darn.

3. Don - February 2, 2009

Dear T,

Consider the family. No child born has no family at all – – because birth requires both a Mom and a Dad.

I often say to people “intellegence is recognition of relationship.” There is meaning there.

Sometimes what we are looking for is right in front of us. If we could remember that ‘laws’ are truths we could understand what life is teaching us. The redundancy is so staggering that we prefer to isolate specific ‘notions’ about what is true.

A great mind can see the truth everywhere. And everywhen.

Listen deeply with only your most important question in mind. Just that.

Let the answer come. Allow it.


4. bozox - February 2, 2009

It’s not babysitting – it’s parenting.

5. Mandeep Gill - February 2, 2009

Oh man, oh man — i just want them to go *SLOW AND SAFE* and not risk *ANYTHING* this time. i don’t care if it takes till the end of the year or longer — i just want stuff to *work* this time around, and things not to mess up.

But yes, i understand that’s easier for me to say as a (vitally) interested bystander who doesn’t have so much of my life invested in getting results asap…

6. dorigo - February 2, 2009

You know Mandeep, you have a good point there. For LHC, there is added value of trying to steal the scene from the Tevatron as soon as possible; but for Science (with capital S), and for human knowledge, there is NO reason to force matters.

I actually think the best thing would be for the LHC to start at 1.96 TeV and check a few QCD things, before going up with energy (of course, pp is different from ppbar in a number of ways, but you can really tune things with a 1.96 TeV run).


7. dorigo - February 2, 2009

Thanks bozox, I’ll keep that in mind.

8. dorigo - February 2, 2009

Don, I am not sure I understand what you are advising, but thanks anyway 😉

9. Mandeep - February 2, 2009

T- totally with you on that, good ideas — and hope all goes great with the parenting this week! -M

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