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The other Dorigo blogger February 8, 2009

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Just a quick post to mention here the blogging activity of my son Filippo (9 years old), who has started to write short posts on matters of his interest. I suggested it as a writing exercise, since I believe he does not do enough of it at school -mind you, it is a good school, but I think Filippo’s skills will benefit from this stimulating homework.

Of course, he is writing in Italian, and in any case I doubt you are interested in his ideas. However, since this blog is also read by a few relatives of ours, I just thought I’d place a link here… Sorry for the nuisance, back to physics blogging tomorrow!


1. Quasar9 - February 9, 2009

so Dorigo number2 take centre stage
does he play chess too?

dorigo - February 9, 2009

Hi Quasar,

well, he knows the rules, but he is not much interested in the game beyond a superficial level.


2. Luboš Motl - February 9, 2009

Hi Tommaso,
he’s a very good blogger for a 9-year-old.

However, it should be illegal to screen Gore’s alarmist bullshit in front of impressionable people like your son. The sea level is going to rise by 20-60 cm in a century which is not too relevant and whether it will be slightly more or slightly less won’t be determined by Barack Obama.

It’s just bad when children are being scared by such things and they’re educated to believe in such cults of personality. I am very moderate in these things but Al Gore should be given an electric chair.

Best wishes

3. Daniel de França MTd2 - February 9, 2009

It’s nice to see Lubos worried with the other’s smart genes :).

4. carlbrannen - February 9, 2009

Nice reading material in the background. Oscar Wilde is wonderful; is he reading this and Krakatoa in English? I loved the book.

When I talk with kids about writing, I describe it this way. “You know how sometimes you say have a conversation with someone and afterward, you think of something you could have said that was better?” “Well, the problem is that it’s difficult to think of things quickly. Writing is your opportunity to put your best statement forward.”

As far as terrorizing the next generation with stories of their impending deaths in climatic catastrophe, I also think that this is not a good idea. I remember walking with some young 1st cousins once removed through forests we had planted three years before. One of them mentioned how long it took trees to grow. I pointed out that you could see by examining the nodes that these trees were growing nearly a meter per year.

Tree growth in Brazil, for good hardwood, has reached five meters per year with fertilizer, a fact which I saw in a silviculture textbook.

5. dorigo - February 9, 2009

Hi Carl,

no he is not reading those books, I just thought it was a nice background for a funny picture 😉 He will, one day, but this far he’s been reading things like Harry Potter and the like. In Italian.

I am not terrorizing Filippo, he watched that movie with interest. Orders of magnitude better than watching random television, with the homicides, the wars, the cruelty of today’s world.


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