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Just a link April 5, 2009

Posted by dorigo in Blogroll, news, physics, science.
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I read with amusement (and some effort) a spanish account by Francis (th)E mule of Michael Dittmar’s controversial seminar of last March 19th. I paste the link here for several reasons: since I believe it might be of interest to some of you, to have a place to store it, and because I am not insensitive to flattery:

“Entre el público se encontraba Tomasso Dorigo […] (r)esponsable del mejor blog sobre física de partículas elementales del mundo”

Muchas gracias, Francis -but please note: my name spells with two m’s and one s!


1. carlbrannen - April 5, 2009

Have you considered, for convenience, changing your name?

It’s too late for me, I learned to spell it correctly by mentally associating it with the English name “Tommy”.

2. Tony Smith - April 6, 2009

Tommaso, thanks for putting up the link to francsthemulenews.
I like the Ali = Dorigo analogy,
Ali also had to deal with people mis-naming him (usually intentional detractors who called him by his former name “Clay”),
but (unlike Ali prior to the Rumble in the Jungle),
Tommaso has not (yet) been put in prison for his views/activities.

Also, it was nice to see a reference to a comment I made.

Tony Smith

3. Tony Smith - April 6, 2009

Sorry for an error in my previous comment:
Ali was convicted and sentenced to prison for draft evasion
(and had been stripped of his title and blacklisted from boxing
even prior to conviction)
he did not go to prison, as he remained free while his conviction was appealed, and eventually reversed by the US Supreme Court in 1971
on the grounds that his request for conscientious objector status should have been granted.

Tony Smith

4. Thomas Larsson - April 6, 2009

Creo que obrigado sea portuguez. “Thank you” se llama en español gracias, non?

5. dorigo - April 6, 2009

Hi Tony, I don’t know whether I like to be likened to a boxer, but the post was amusing.

Thomas, whoops -what was I thinking ? Fixed!

6. island - April 6, 2009

“Tommaso”…… wrong in any language… 😉

7. Higgsterics - April 6, 2009

It’s not an account of the seminar but an account of the impact it had on other blogs. Hardly interesting except for those who see their names mentioned (even if misspelled).

8. Tony Smith - April 6, 2009

as to not knowing whether you “… like to be likened to a boxer …”,
please consider that seeing Ali as a “boxer” is sort of like seeing Newton as an alchemist who was a bureaucrat of the Mint.

According to the web site http://www.ali.com (maybe not unbiased, but still containing significant facts):
“… he burst onto the scene as a gold-medal winner at the 1960 Rome Olympics …
His refusal to be inducted into the United States Army anticipated the growing antiwar movement of the 1960’s. His willingness to stage his … fights in such far-flung locales as Kinshasa, Manila, and Kuala Lumpur signaled … a growing awareness of the developing world.
Daring to go against political policy to help people in need, Muhammad has made goodwill missions to Afghanistan and North Korea;
delivered sorely-needed medical supplies to an embargoed Cuba;
traveled to Iraq and secured the release of 15 United States hostages during the first Gulf War …
His recognitions include: …
• Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2005, the United States of America’s highest civil award
• Amnesty International’s Lifetime Achievement Award
• Germany’s 2005 Otto Hahn Peace Medal, for his involvement in the U.S. civil rights movement and the United Nations …”.

Tony Smith

9. fabio - April 6, 2009

sante parole 🙂

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