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!! Moving !! April 15, 2009

Posted by dorigo in news, personal, travel.

Effective today: after forty months of service on wordpress, my blogging activity is moving to scientific blogging, an excellent site which collects many top-notch science writers. As soon as I manage to work it out, I will provide here a widget with links to my posts on that site, and possibly I will keep this site from being reported as mature by making a monthly entry with a link to the most interesting read in the new site. Other necessary adjustments are also in order, fixing some external links etcetera. But really, if you love me, please follow me there now.

I know, I can almost hear some of you complaining about this uncalled-for, unanticipated decision: this has indeed been a quick resolution, and quite un-characteristically the idea has not been submitted in advance here, to make a dry run and hear your opinions on the plan before it became a fact.

So, why am I doing it ? There are several answers to this question, and you may pick the one you like the most.

1) Blogging for me is about reaching as large an audience as possible, because I do conceive it as an educational mission. I have repeatedly explained here that I do not feel guilty for the time I invest on blogging, because my research position does not require me to teach, and I am glad to distribute through the internet some of the knowledge I have had the chance to accumulate through my studies and my job. Now, the target site of this move will increase my reach of potential readers, especially ones that might be interested in particle physics but have so far not realized it is not beyond their understanding capabilities. This by itself is a valuable asset.

2) While this blog has served my large ego extremely well, providing me with surprising opportunities and gratifications over the course of these forty months, I have realized that in its present form its further growth is problematic. Moving to scientificblogging.com will supply fresh air, new ideas, and a possibility to interact more closely with a stimulating crew of writers.

3) The real question is, why not ? I am not losing paternity or rights on my writings, the interface and functionalities at the new site are no worse, the freedom to write what I like is assured to stay unchanged. There are paid ads there, that is true; however, I have decided to trust the owner of the site that it will remain as non-invasive and reasonable as it looks now. As for the slight loss of control that the move entails, there are a couple of things to say also against wordpress itself, for instance the obligatory, auto-generated “possibly related” links that are supplied to every post, or the arbitrary taking down of this site I have experienced due to my failure to delete spam comments.

4) As for money, that is really not the reason. No, really. I will indeed get paid in the new site, but the sum I will earn is not going to change appreciably the depth of my pockets. Rather, I see the higher visibility I am expecting there as a reward, which will possibly help any future endeavour I might be entertaining myself with fantasizing about. Like writing a book.

So, it is your turn now to speak up and tell me what you think of this. I know, nobody likes change. But change is a fundamental ingredient of life, and specifically, one associated with growth.


1. Daniel de França MTd2 - April 15, 2009

Do you plan on going easier on your explanations? That is, no more Tevatron graphs, feynmann diagrams, etc… That would be sad.

2. dorigo - April 15, 2009

NO way Daniel. It will all stay the same, that is part of the agreement. I am even encouraged to insist with my lousy political posts 😉


3. Kea - April 15, 2009

I already fixed my link, so you’d better not be hanging around here no more.

4. Anonymous - April 15, 2009

Good work.
Just curious — I hope it isn’t a rude question — how much money (approximately) is it? I have no sense of scale for how much the blog world makes.

dorigo - April 15, 2009

Dear Anon,
send me a private message from a clearly non-anonymous email address and I might answer that question.

5. mriello - April 15, 2009

I’ve been a silent reader of this blog for a couple of years now and it is a bit sad to have to leave it, even though I’ve never been contributing to it.
It is quite a relief knowing that the style and tone of the posts in the new blog will not change. Good luck with your new ‘adventure’, you’ve most certainly deserved to be writing on scientific blogging !

6. New kid on the blog - April 16, 2009

What I think of this: You bloggers really believe we care so much about you? Isn’t it a bit too much to spend so much time in discussing matters that should concern you only? It’s a new kind of sickness.

7. dorigo - April 16, 2009

Hi Marco,

sure, in a sense it is sad to leave a home and relocate. But doing it keeps one flexible and young.

Thank you for your support, and I hope you’ll be contributing to the forthcoming discussions in the new site!

8. Anonymous - April 16, 2009

Dear Tomasso,

I follow your blog through the RSS feed, and I found out that your new blog home does not provide a complete RSS feed of your posts, but it only contains the first sentence, and then one has to visit the blog page to read the full post.

Would it be possible to provide a complete RSS feed at your new home in http://www.scientificblogging.com


9. Mandeep - April 16, 2009

T- i may not love you as much as your wife or kids (just maybe ;-> ) but i definitely trust your instincts, and as the only blog other than Cosmic Variance that i follow on a daily basis, i’m totally fine with this move for all the reasons you give; some of them sound like what the CV guys said when they moved to a dif. server recently, too.. -M

10. Mandeep - April 16, 2009

And oh yes — totally uncalled for comment by “New Kid” above — i do feel you provide an invaluable service to many, many physicists and other interested parties the world over, and i appreciate when you let us know of changes like this, and get feedback on them.

11. dorigo - April 16, 2009

Thank you for the support Mandeep! … And now, would you please move to the other site too ? 😉


12. dorigo - April 16, 2009

Anon, I turned your question to the manager of SB. WIll let you know here.

13. Mandeep - April 17, 2009

T- sure — except i actually rarely blog at the moment, can’t make the time as you do, though perhaps someday i shall.. :-> -M

14. DB - April 17, 2009

Good luck in your new home T.

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16. les - April 22, 2009

Can you move all posts from old blog to the new one ? This archive is huge and I was planning to go through it and learn particle physics from it. But now I am afraid it might get lost

dorigo - April 23, 2009

Hi Les,

I have been thinking of it, and I will probably do it, but it will not be immediate…

In the meantime, just use google to find stuff here:

“Higgs boson site:dorigo.wordpress.com”
“top quark site:dorigo.wordpress.com”
Also look at the first few post of january 2009, which have links to the most interesting stuff I wrote in 2008.



17. Sara - April 29, 2009

Che peccato, però! Bhé, ti seguirò di là…

18. Bee - April 29, 2009

Why not? Because now, dear Tomasso, your writing is tastefully surrounded by advertisements for bp, Lakeport, and an airline that I’ve never heard of. I believe I had a column over there at some point but asked them to delete my account. I was just not satisfied with the outcome, though I admit I can relate to all of the reasons for your move that you list.

Either way, good luck!

19. Bee - April 29, 2009

And if I practice some more decades I finally might get your name right 😉

dorigo - April 30, 2009

Sorry to have disappointed you, Bee, but if you own a TV or if you listen to the radio or if you walk in the streets or if you read a news magazine, ads will get to you. Your principled reaction is rather radical and I do not know what you gain with it.


Luboš Motl - April 30, 2009

She gains the title of the most communist anti-market commie bitch among the parasites who can dismiss the markets because they are being paid from productive people’s taxes for writing pure bullshit – which is a very valuable status for her.

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21. dorigo - May 1, 2009

Lubos, please watch your tongue. Bee is a friend, and you are not being funny. I really do not understand why you let go with such uncalled for offenses.

22. Watch movie - December 17, 2009

I already fixed my link, so you’d better not be hanging around here no more.

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