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Post summary – April 2009 May 1, 2009

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As the less distracted among you have already figured out, I have permanently moved my blogging activities to www.scientificblogging.com. The reasons for the move are explained here.

Since I know that this site continues to be visited -because the 1450 posts it contains draw traffic regardless of the inactivity- I am providing here monthly updates of the pieces I write in my new blog here. Below is a list of posts published last month at the new site.

The Large Hadron Collider is Back Together – announcing the replacement of the last LHC magnets

Hera’s Intriguing Top Candidates – a discussion of a recent search for FCNC single top production in ep collisions

Source Code for the Greedy Bump Bias – a do-it-yourself guide to study the bias of bump fitting

Bump Hunting II: the Greedy Bump Bias – the second part of the post about bump hunting, and a discussion of a nagging bias in bump fitting

Rita Levi Montalcini: 100 Years and Still Going Strong – a tribute to Rita Levi Montalcini, Nobel prize for medicine

The Subtle Art of Bump Hunting – Part I – a discussion of some subtleties in the search for new particle signals

Save Children Burnt by Caustic Soda! – an invitation to donate to Emergency!

Gates Foundation to Chat with Bloggers About World Malaria Day – announcing a teleconference with bloggers

Dark Matter: a Critical Assessment of Recent Cosmic Ray Signals – a summary of Marco Cirelli’s illuminating talk at NeuTel 2009

A Fascinating New Higgs Boson Search by the DZERO Experiment – a discussion on a search for tth events recently published by the Tevatron experiment

A Banner Worth a Thousand Words – a comment on my new banner

Confirmed for WCSJ 2009 – my first post on the new site


1. Rouge - May 5, 2009

Credo fossi un amico di Jennifer Chan che anni fa chiedeva notizie di lei…
Io l’incontrai nel 2002…lavorava a Milano e stava per andare a convivere con un ragazzo italiano (che si chiamava casualmente come me).
L’ho poi rivista di passaggio in Corso Vittorio Emanuele e Milano, credo nel 2005.
Non so dove lavori o viva oggi ed effettivamente il suo numero di cell e la mail non funzionano più.
Se hai notizie più recenti scambiamocele, anch’io sono molto curioso di sapere cosa fa ora Jennifer.


2. Peter Woit - May 6, 2009

Hi Tommaso,

Congratulations on your tenure!

I’m leaving a message here to tell you the link to your new site is broken. Some of us are lazy and haven’t updated the links in our browsers yet, so we get here, hoping for at least a good link to the new stuff.

Weather here in New York is lousy, supposed to finally get better Sunday….

3. Richard Willey - May 10, 2009

First, the scientificblogging.com web site is a complete mess! (Not your fault.) Even ignoring the dancing ad junk, the Dorigan information I go there to read is so squashed down by some “web designer”‘s idea of how I ought to be “interacting” that it can be hard to find amidst all the “web experience”.

And no, I never ever ever want to click to “read more” — computer screens have been able to scroll for decades, and I’m quite capable of coping with more than one paragraph of information at a time, especially if individual lines of text are allowed more than a cm or two between the crowding “design elements” of sidebars and internal and external promotion.

It was pleasant to visit dorigo.wordpress.com, find something new and (always) interesting, and be able to read it though right through there and then. Reading things here was much more straightforward and much less irritating. Oh well, your writing, your choice! Just keep writing!

(I guess there’s one thing positive to come of it: at least the appalling wordpress “snap.com” pop-up nonsense is gone for anybody who, inexplicably, does not disbale Javascript or use noscript.net.)

But if you have to go, could you at least provide a direct link to your list of columns there? Right now the links go either to the uninteresting and even more cluttered top level of the collective web site, or they go to your individual articles there. And unlike any well-organized site, there is no obvious link from the latter to what should be the “home”, http://www.scientificblogging.com/quantum_diaries_survivor

FInally, thanks for the writing and the education (and the glimpses into the path-not-taken-and-should-have-been-taken into science.) It has been a consistent reading pleasure for years.

The good news is that interesting “content” (you know, that “lorem ipsum” stuff that is used to fill out the “web design experience”) is worth following no matter where it goes on the web. (Unless it disappears into an Elsevier black hole.)

4. dorigo - May 11, 2009

Hi Richard,

some of your complaints are well-founded, but of course when one decides to join a collective site one has to relinquish control a little. There is a price to pay, and I decided it was worth it.

As for the links, I will be more careful to point directly to the column. But the direct links to the pieces give you the total column, so no more “more” links to click there…

Thank you for your appreciation of my writings, I can only hope you will overcome your dislike of the new site. As I told somebody else, there is advertisement there, true – but we do watch TV, we do read magazines, newspapers, we do walk in the streets. We have gotten accustomed to ads there. It would be a little bit too elitist to ask that the “good sites” in the internet were totally devoid of that, don’t you think ?


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