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Lunch with Joe Biden October 20, 2008

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David Orban, my futurologist / singularitarian friend, is more and more involved in global matters, and this drives him to meet notable people high up in the establishment (I will paste here a link to a video clip of his question to Al Gore at a meeting a few months ago soon). During last weekend David had lunch with Sen. Joe Biden, when he could collect some of Biden’s comments for us. Here’s one about McCain’s campaign:

“The campaign is going to get uglier. McCain is spending $60MM on robocalls spreading scurrilous messages and misinformation.
John McCain hired the very people that orchestrated the attacks on him when he was running against Bush. Literally the same people. Charlie Black was the architect of the smear campaign against McCain, and now McCain has hired him.”

And a positive note:

“America’s image in the world will be restored within 15 minutes of Obama being elected.”

Please don’t miss the full report put together by David on fickr.

UPDATE: well, Steve Jurvetson rightly points out in the comments thread below that HE is the source of the piece you find at the link above. Apologies to Steve – David pasted it in his facebook account and I got it from there as an original source.