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Alphabetical order in the blogroll July 11, 2008

Posted by dorigo in Blogroll, internet, personal.
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Just a short note to mention that I have decided to switch from a random to an alphabetically ordered list in the column of links to relevant other blogs -those I read and those I advise users of my site to give a peek at now and then (the two categories only partly intersect).

The reason is simple: despite the wide offer of blog feeds, collections, and other means by which one may get updated on what is being written in a collection of sites one wants to keep an eye on, I have never brought myself to using those tools. Maybe because I am fundamentally lazy -an old dog who wouldn’t learn a new trick- or maybe because I still enjoy going after information rather than having it showered on me on a regular basis.

Now, my blogroll column currently contains about fifty entries, and it grows sporadically -that is, whenever I have enough stamina to adjourn it. I have the habit of using that list to access the blogs, rather than my “blogs” folder in the preferites tab of my web browser (Mozilla), and a random list often causes me to scroll up and down in search for the link I need. That is stupid, and it has become a sufficient reason for abandoning my original idea of a “democratic” randomly compiled list which changes every time one accesses the main page of my blog.

So, I am sorry for Zerocold, or even worse for those links that get buried in the middle and never get a chance of a spot in the sunlight atop the list, but I am switching to an alphabetically ordered list today. There is an added bonus in the process: by making it easier for me to access the blogs I am linking, I make it easier for you too, in the hope that you, too, will use this blog as a default entry point for your visits to other sites. Or am I really the only one who still doesn’t uses blog feeds ?

UPDATE: Shoot! I just found out why I had been unable to change the order earlier on, when I gave it a try: as the WordPress FAQ explains, the theme I am using does not allow one to change the order of links!

Now I’m stuck to having to decide for a change of theme (which I really want to avoid), a frustrating retreat, or a bold advance into the new territory of a privately managed blog. If you know me, you’re likely to imagine what I will do.