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Mate in eight January 19, 2009

Posted by dorigo in chess, games, internet, personal.
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The biggest upsets are really emotionally repaying, in chess as in any other sport. I was down a rook and a piece in a horribly hopeless game played on the internet chess club this evening, when I could exploit to the fullest a silly move by an already relaxed opponent, to give a funny mate-in-eight. Here is the starting position (I am white). White is to move.

Rather than trying to defend from the many threats of black, I throw in one more piece with 1.Bf4! Black answers with the logical 1….Nxf4, but after 2.Qxg7 he needs to choose. A safe 2.Qf8 would see me resign (2….Qe5 3.Ne6 and white does not have any more bullets to fire), but black thinks there must be surely a quick mate: so he plays 2….Nh3+ 3.Kf1.

What to do now ? Black has three minutes to think this over, but he sees no better defence against Qxh8 than 3….Qh6??

I was unable to announce mate in eight -over the internet these luxuries are impossible unless one uses the chat window (considered highly inappropriate during a game), but I did calculate everything to the end in less than half a minute. Here is the sequence, which was played to the bitter end over the board:

4.Re1+ Kd8 5.Qd4+ Kc7 6.Re7+ Kc6

7.Be4+! Kb5 8.Qb4+ Ka6 9.Bd3+ Nc4 10.Bxc4+ b5 11.Qxb5 mate.

A really enjoyable end to a game started with a bad string of blunders on my side!