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Latorre, please resign! November 19, 2008

Posted by dorigo in news, politics.
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That italian politics stinks from afar, that politicians belonging to apparently belligerent parties befriend each other in their private life, that there are transversal groups, septs, freemasonry, and mafia collusions, is not a secret to anybody who has followed the history of this sorry country for long enough. However, when one sees with one’s own eyes these dirty manouvers, a sense of disgust cannot be avoided. It is the case of today’s news, which bring the proof of the misconduct of Nicola Latorre (right), vice-president of senators of the Democratic Party (PD).

The facts: during a heated debate on the TV studios of “La sette”, a private national network (the biggest not owned by Berlusconi), the politician representing the government, Italo Bocchino, is in straits under the attacks of Massimo Donadi, a member of Italia dei Valori (IdV), Antonio Di Pietro’s party. Donadi accuses Berlusconi’s government of ingerence in the choice of Leoluca Orlando (also IdV) as the head of the commission of vigilance on TV networks. The choice is a privilege of the coalition which opposes the government, for obvious reasons; but Berlusconi has vetoed Orlando’s name, creating a annoying situation.

Bocchino does not know how to reply to Donadi’s accusations, but fortunately he is sitting next to Latorre, who surprisingly comes to his rescue. Latorre is shown by TV footage as he takes Bocchino’s pen from his hand, writes something on the edge of Bocchino’s newspaper (see frame on the left), and offers his note to Bocchino, clearly drawing his attention. The note is a very effective suggestion on how to counter Donadi’s arguments. Next thing you know, Bocchino uses the suggestion, getting out of a very embarassing blank.

There is not just footage to prove Latorre’s misconduct. The bit of paper, which is torn from the newspaper and folded by Latorre after Bocchino has read it (see picture above, where Latorre is on the left), has been collected, and is now in possession of the journalists of La Sette: Latorre’s handwriting is irrefutable proof.

I think this episode should not be forgotten, and I think Nicola Latorre should immediately resign from all representative charges for PD. I would not mind if he resigned his mandate as senator too.