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Streaming video on scientific divulgation May 13, 2008

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Just a link to a post by Gianandrea Giacoma on the site of the sci.bzaar.net workshop, an event about which I wrote here, here and here.

In the post, Gian uses very kind words to introduce a video on my thoughts on the need of horizontality in scientific blogs. I already posted a link to my video yesterday (beware, it is in Italian – I will try to find the time for an English version though, or at least provide a transcript in English), but the one on the sci.bzaar.net site does not need to be downloaded before playing – a huge bonus since you might get bored halfway through (oh well, damned if you do. It’s just 7 minutes).

A video on scientific blogging May 12, 2008

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On Saturday, May 15th, a conference called “sci.bzaar.net” will take place in Milano. It will bring together a restricted group of researchers, psychologists, bloggers, designers, physicists, writers, philosophers, computer scientists and web experts, who will discuss scientific divulgation, production of knowledge, and open culture in the academic world.

I will not be there in person, but a video I produced for the event will be shown – and I will connect with skype or some other means to take questions. You can see the agenda of the workshop here.

In addition, I produced for the web site of the event another short video where I discuss the importance of horizontality in a blog aimed at scientific divulgation. Unfortunately, I only have a version in Italian so far (the event is aimed at an italian public). I will paste below a writeup as I have the time, but if you are interested you can see me in the 7-minutes video here (beware though, it is kind of heavy – 500 Mbytes!).