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An agorà of education and scientific communication ? September 23, 2008

Posted by dorigo in internet, news, personal, physics, politics, science.
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These are strange days. Information runs around the world so fast, one can be at the center of the action and still learn details of what is really going on from the other side of an ocean. In fact, CERN appears a bit up-tight about the latest events in sector 34 of the LHC tunnel. People ask me questions in the comments thread of posts here, but I have less information to provide than others; and I am happy it is so, since my blog is targeted as a possible source of leaks, and I decided I want this to be a place where people get educated about science, and not about scientific rows. And if I play fair, maybe I am allowed to survive here, and maybe one day I will stop being threatened every other day, in the name of protecting internal information of the experiments I am part of.

Of course, I still assert my complete disagreement at a way to conduct scientific experiments paid with your tax money which resembles the management of the Pentagon rather than an agorà of education, research, and scientific communication.

So, by all means, if you have information you want to share, anonymously or not, you are welcome to comment, but please, do not ask me for any.