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Be flexible March 18, 2009

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I was quite surprised to see today a slide from an american CDF colleague, in a talk aimed at a general audience of physicists, containing the picture shown below.

Sure, the message is clear. Be flexible. And I would have nothing to object with regards to the means used to convey that message. However, I have learned the hard way that many -especially in the US- consider sexist things that I consider normal. Thus my surprise. The picture is nice and the girl is pretty, but there is something distinctly sexual in her posture -and please do not even try saying that it feels like that just to me “because I am a sex maniac”.

The Say of the Week January 1, 2009

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I once was in bed with my boyfriend, Ernie, when he asked me: “Why don’t you ever tell me when you are about to have an orgasm?”. I answered “Ernie, it’s because you are never there when it happens”.

(Bette Midler)

On female italian ministers and their oral skills July 8, 2008

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…I know, I know. This is a family friendly blog, and I do not usually indulge in trivialities. The only reason I plunge into such a topic tonight is because the main italian newspapers are dealing with the exact same topic. And who am I, to blow against the wind ? I am no minister 😉 …

So. It so happens that one of the new ministers appointed to the “equal opportunities” chair last May by Silvio Berlusconi, Italy’s new prime minister, is Mara Carfagna (right), ex tv star and definitely a gorgeous woman, who’s apparently endowed with at least one other quality.

It also happens that some parts of audio taping of phone conversations between Berlusconi and some individuals who were being investigated have made it to national press.

It further happens that Berlusconi is not happy about being found with the hands deep in the honey pot, and he promptly had his lackeys design a law to prevent judges from ordering wire taping of phone conversations when investigating crimes punishable with less than 10 years of imprisonment.

It finally happens that many disagree with the proposed new law, which would prevent the discovery of important crimes. A manifestation took place today to complain against this and other proposed laws by the newly installed government. Sabina Guzzanti, a satyrist who can’t hold her tongue, had this to say about the whole story:

“A me non me ne frega niente della vita sessuale di Berlusconi ma tu non puoi mettere alle Pari opportunità una che sta lì perché t’ha succhiato l’uccello, non la puoi mettere da nessuna parte ma in particolare non la puoi mettere alle Pari opportunità perché è uno sfregio”.

(“I couldn’t care less about the sexual life of Berlusconi but you cannot place as equal opportunities minister a woman who’s there because she sucked your c**k, you cannot put her anywhere, but in particular you cannot give her the equal opportunities chair because it is an insult.”)

As amused as I obviously am about the whole thing, I think Sabina overstepped the mark in not one, but three different directions. I love her as an actress and a comedian, but I totally disagree with her means, her target, and her goals.

The means: a woman insulting another woman using the alleged sexual favors she provided is disgusting to me, especially if those favors were coerced in some way.

The target: If Mara gave head to her boss she is the victim, not the offender. Attacking Berlusconi through this story is in fact attacking Carfagna herself, guilty of being unfit for the mandate she received: and who knows whether she is unfit ? She might end up doing much better than many other ministers who arrived where they are not because of what they sucked, but because of what they licked.

The goal: this is a cheap way to entertain her audience. She used to fly way, way higher than that. I am really sorry to have to witness such a lack of style.

The only justification i can accept to excuse Guzzanti is that indeed, our current government is not just a merry company of dwarfs and dancers: it is doing a lot of damage to our country. The law proposed by Berlusconi’s lackey Alfano to stop investigations against the four highest charges of the country (among which, guess, Berlusconi himself, who is very worried by the judgement of a corruption case whose trial is set for September, the Mills affair) outrages every person with a gram of grey matter in the skull. And the fact that italians do not care much about this umpteenth walking over the principles upon which our constitution is based, being much more concerned with the loss of purchase power of their salaries, is a further reason for being infuriated.