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Thank you America! November 5, 2008

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I haveĀ  a busy day today – meetings, analysis approvals, code that won’t work, fits that won’t converge.

But this morning, upon hearing the NEWS, I realize there is really little today in my agenda or outside of it that can change my unconditioned happiness and my mood. Thank you America! That is, thanks to all of you who understood, who overcome fear, who believed change is possible. Thank you to all of you who feel ashamed for what eight of the worst years in your history have brought to all of us. And thank you also to those of you who are not ashamed by the Iraq war, by the economic fiascos, by the vacationing president, by the increase in poverty and the increase in selfishness of american society, but still decided it was time to send home the present government and their friends, and try something else.

In a few months Barack Obama will take office, and he may end up disappointing our hopes. That is in the equation. But the vote of tonight brings optimism around the globe.

Presidential love October 15, 2008

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It is not a mystery that George W. and Silvio are good friends. And I have nothing against that – I do not like either of them, so the fact that they are very close to each other makes things simpler for me. Also, Berlusconi is a very good friend of Putin, so that makes it even easier. They collectively activate the same neurons in my brain, in the part which does the simplest love/hate classifications.

Mind you, I do not “hate” them. I cannot bring myself to hate a person I have never met. But I get close to that feeling with these new-age tyrants. In any case, I cannot help feeling sympathy for the duo when I see such a string of demonstrations of friendship as the display they recently put together. The number of kisses, hugs, and pats on the back they entertained themselves with was enormous, and the pictures below (which I stole from Repubblica’s site) are just a sampler.

Italy and the US have never been so close before… I wonder the US will allow Italy to build a military base in its territory, to reciprocate the US bases in italian soil. It would be a nice act with which GW could end his flying color 8-year presidency.

…No way, huh ? Well then, why not just putting italian-passport holders on a priority line with no immigration checks at US airports ? That’d be still something.