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Nobody reads contracts -not you, not them. February 7, 2009

Posted by dorigo in humor, personal.
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While trying to figure out whether I have the right to quit my contract with Vodafone, my phone company, I discovered today a small but hilarious fact.

The contract packs in five letter-format pages enough information to make you sick, with over eighty lines per page, written in tiny fonts. It is physically straining to read it, but I did. The lawyers who edited it for Vodafone did a very careful job: the text drips formulas that disclaim liability, deny responsibility for interruption of service or other damage of all possible kinds, cover the company from attacks of the most improbable kinds.

But they, too, are human beings. I imagine the poor soul who was responsible for the text agonizing over it to make it foulproof. At a certain point, he writes a note for one of his collaborators, in brackets, next to article 5.3:

“Il cliente ha la facoltà di recedere dal Contratto in ogni momento, dandone comunicazione a Vodafone mediante lettera raccomandata con avviso di ricevimento. Il recesso sarà efficace entro 30 (trenta) giorni dalla data di ricezione della lettera raccomandata. (Eviterei di scriverlo. In caso di presenza di corrispettivi infatti il cliente firma condizioni e moduli ad hoc che vanno ad integrare proprio queste previsioni).”

Allow  me to translate only the relevant part:

“… The recess will be effective within 30 (thirty) days from the date of reception of the letter. (I would avoid writing this. In case of presence of fees in fact the client signs conditions and ad-hoc modules that integrate these very predictions).”

I find this amusing. I can only wonder whether the collaborator got away with the mistake of not deleting the note, or whether the mistake was noticed, too late to stop it from reaching my hands or those of the many other clients of Vodafone.