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Exceptional acqua alta foreseen in Venice again December 10, 2008

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Nine days ago Venice withstood the assault of an exceptional surge of sea water, the fourth highest in recent history. Water reached the level of +1.56 meters above average sea level at 11.15AM, flooding most of Venice’s streets with two feet of water. I reported about the event in real time here.

Now, conditions are again favourable for another flooding. Below you can see the forecast of the water level for the next few days.

The red line is the astronomical tide (which does not consider weather conditions such as atmospheric pressure, rain, winds, and coherent oscillation of the water of the Adriatic sea basin), while the blue line is the actual forecast. As you can see, there are two distinct floodings predicted to surge above 1.30 m above sea level. 1.30 m is not too rare, but 1.40 m is (fortunately) something that only happens every four or five years. Or at least, that is what used to happen in the past.

I again point to a couple of web cams from where you will be able to follow the events in real time, if you are that nosy:

Update: if you look at the first webcam above right now (early morning of 12/10), you can see S.Marco square flooded by a minor peak in the tide.

Update -12/10, 7PM: the forecast for 12/12 now says +1.55m above sea level, which would just be 1cm below the fourth highest tide ever experienced in recent history (the one of December 1st 2008). Check it below: