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Guest posts

In this page I collect links to posts written by fellow researchers, bloggers, or just friends on topics of interest to this blog’s main content – science. My hope is that by crafting an easy-to-access permanent list these posts get the attention they deserve…


1. Siul Segrob - October 3, 2007

Hi !

Please, could you give the e-mail address of Tony Smith ? I would like to contact him. It looks like his old address is not working and I cannot contact him. He knows me. Otherwise you could give him my address :


Thanks a lot in advance,


2. Alejandro Rivero - October 5, 2007

On the contrary I do not know you, but let me congratulate you by your choosing of pen-name. Umberto Eco did a similar one with “de Burgos”, at least in the Spanish version if “the name of the rose”. And I noticed in the internet that the blind librarian of a mythical library in Baghdad wore a similar name: gejor siul ibn segrob.

3. saad - October 9, 2007


I think I have found something that could interest you about the Ether and gravity:

The only thing that pushes us to keep the concept of duality alive is gravity. Everything tends to show that matter is only spherical standing waves in a medium (Ether).

In my website http://unificationproject.blogspot.com/ I’m proposing a structure of the Ether that agrees gravity laws:

Through some famous quotes, that the theory of the Ether is the base hypothesis that have built all our fundamental physics theories and we will define space time as the mathematical description of the Ether behavior.
There exists a structure of the Ether that follows the inverse square law and agrees with Newton gravitational law using “Working model” software for simulation. This Ether definition is based on a springs structure
At the end of the website I’m proposing that matter is only a perception (schaumkommen) as Erwin Schroedinger said; and the new definition of matter that agrees with all basic physics theories should be: spherical standing waves that pull a portion of Ether and create a distrotion (gravity) through it.


This theory is simple and seems that it agrees with most physics laws. I’m sure that at least; it explains gravity at a quantum level

Thank you for visiting

4. dorigo - October 9, 2007

Lol Alejandro, decyphering anonymous names is an occupation I had not thought about so far.

Dear Saad, gravity is not high in my list of interests. I would be unable to provide expert insight if I read your material, but I encourage any theoretician who stumbles in this column to have a look at your blog.


5. Alejandro Rivero - October 9, 2007

T, after for years looking at approximate relationships, it seems that I have got some neurons shooting by themselves, so an strange force launched me to google for the anonymous. Ah, I saw the widow of the other Siul once, she entered to hear some of the speech of Agustin Garcia in Madrid, sit for ten minutes, and left.
About the recent comment in a mistery…, of course I shall be grateful if you read it, but I should be even more grateful if string theoreticians were willing to comment on it. Perhaps instead of abusing of you asking you to write about me, I could abuse in a different way and to take opportunity of your Guest Post section some day…

6. Alejandro Rivero - October 9, 2007

As for more info about decay width of the Higgs, I am sorry I haven got specific training, so only the standard literature as you guessed. The books we mentioned, plus the Higgs Hunter Guide or similar things.

7. Alejandro Rivero - October 10, 2007

Hmm, a comment went lost between 4 and 5, probably the spam trap. Basically I was thanking your offer of reading my 0710.1526, and volunteering myself for a guest post.

About the higgs, it is good I did that remark in your website, I had forgot about it. Yes I checked the predicted width against mass both for a top decay and for a higgs decay by using standard formulae from the textbooks, hoping to understand a bit more about the process of electroweak symmetry breaking (which is the cause of the difference between quintic and cubic dependence). But at the end it was mostly clutter in the plot, no more informational than as it is now.

8. dorigo - October 10, 2007

LOL Alejandro, neurons shooting by themselves is a good thing, it makes you a true dreamer. Anyway, I answered you privately about the guest post (great idea).
For others, Alejandro is mentioning another thread here, one about the “mystery behind the Z width”. He who googleth will findeth.


9. Cavendish experiment 3 at Freedom of Science - October 21, 2007

[…] and unorthodox ideas” in his blog and puts that in practice by letting very interesting guest bloggers write about their […]

10. Visual Physics Blog » Guest Post at Tommaso Dorigo’s Blog - November 21, 2007

[…] Tommaso started a series of guest posts at his blog, some from mainstream scientists, some from “alternative theorists” with […]

11. Nikita - January 4, 2008

Wow! amazing
I like that!

12. dona - March 4, 2008

hi could you post some other info. about discoveries in astronomy?i”m dona from Phil. tnx

13. dorigo - March 10, 2008

Dear Dona,

I am not sure when, but this blog does also deal with Astronomy, so hang around and we will discuss something soon.


14. larry jenkins - March 21, 2008

What are some top universities in Italy for Physics?

15. dorigo - March 22, 2008

Hi Larry,

I would say Roma “La Sapienza”, the “Scuola Normale Superiore” in Pisa, and the University of Padova are three among the top universities for Physics.


16. Larry - March 24, 2008

molto grazie!!

17. un amico di una volta - May 9, 2008

Big-Crunch o Big-cracker?

18. A Gaudwin - June 12, 2008

Please read and forward Quantum Reality:

A Gaudwin

19. A Gaudwin - June 12, 2008

I am new at this. Click on June 2008. The title of the peace is:
CERN and the Non-zero Possibility to destroy the universe.

20. Claire - October 30, 2008

Hi! I’ve just come across your site and as a fellow Physicist and chess player, I just wanted to say what a pleasure it is to browse – thank you! I got Nxg4 in about a minute – I’d have lost on time – not an obvious move at all! Anyway, thanks again. I am but a mere undergraduate, so probably can’t contribute much to the general Physics discussion as yet, but watch this space!
All the best,
Claire Morris (20)

21. dorigo - October 31, 2008

Hello Claire,

I will move this comment to the post about the game you mention. Thanks for visiting…


22. Francesca - February 11, 2009

Lungo il fiume sull’acqua, neppure io riuscii a vedere l’ultima puntata… way back when… troppa neve cadde e l’antenna venne messa fuori uso, ora per caso mi son trovata nel suo sito, quindi Lei e’ riuscito ad avere il video, sarebbe possibile per me pure?
Complimenti per la padronanza della lingua inglese, ….
Se possibile contattarLa per favore mi scriva.

23. Ashok Kumar - April 6, 2009

A seminar no-higgs-particle-after-all by Peter Higgs @ CERN


Is it April fool or some seriousness?

24. Mary Ward - July 9, 2009

I am interested in providing a guest post for your blog with the following topic:

7 Excellent Open Courseware Collections to Learn About Physics

Could you please contact me and I can discuss it further with you? My email:

marywriting AT gmail DOT com


25. C Freiberger - September 22, 2009

I have a fractal theory of light. I propose that light is fractal in nature. If light is fractal in nature, we will never reach its so-called elementary particle. Throw out the photon. This would explain why light behaves like a wave and a particle. If light waves were ever reducing and repeating like a fractal, we could never reach the smallest particle of light because it reduces infinitely. What would the application of fractal geometry do to our understanding of light as a wave and as a particle? How would quantum physics use fractal geometry. The uncertainty principle would be explained by fractal geometry. If something reduces infinitely, its actual location would reduce infinitely also. A particle’s momentum too could never be precisely measured because the smallest particle itself could never be pinpointed.I’d love to hear your comments. C.Freiberger 856 Coles Ferry Rd, Gallatin, Tn 37066 smallfreiguy@gmail.com

26. Svetoslav Pavlov - December 1, 2011

What if…?

1. You can write forces in relative way on Spiral of Ulam;
2. Spiral of Ulam is your Infinity
3. Every two edge points on that Spiral are very small according to the Lines
4. Any line is force in different Dimension
5. The forces are Infinitive on this Relative spiral

Read more at http://bgbar.blogspot.com

27. g2-48364b13e4baeb7cc5743f5780761309 - January 30, 2014

hi there, i’m endeavouring to get in touch with marni d sheppeard, if you (or anyone else reading this) has her one remaining valid gmail account greatly appreciated hearing from you, at luke.leighton@gmail.com many thanks

28. John F Hendry - May 5, 2014

I don’t know much CZ, but I know this: e{a}/t=hv is the fine structure constant and {a} is the value of weak force asymmetry. Tell the girls in Prague…. I’ll be back. John F Hendry^^ O=E=W=Time is a trip…..and the key to getting anywhere. No Observer, no Mass. No Mass, no weak force Mass oscillation. No Mass oscillation, no time. No time, no gravity: g=s/t. There is no WF Asy value because gravity is caused by the subtrahend of the harmonic comma space we call the neutrino.
(v-c)/c=2.48e=5 matched SLAC’s E158 data creating .20e-5 asymmetry in time and seeing that SLAC went back over their old BaBar data and confirmed the asymmetry noted in time. The asymmetry in time my friend is called gravity.

Pass it around…… it’s not that heavy to see in scale. JFH^^

29. john kulick - July 4, 2014

Google the expression,
A Multidimensional Geometric Expansion of Spacetime.
There is a link to a peer reviewed PDF paper that at the very least will prove to be novel. The benefit is that it appears that there is no dark matter and no dark energy. Gravity diminishes over time, as believed by Dirac and Gamow, which alters the luminosity of stars used in distance determination. An inter-dimensional “inward” field effect is predicted which negates the necessity for dark matter.
John Kulick
Reverse Engineer

30. David A Collins - August 5, 2018

I have used one of Tony Smith’s Constant values in my work
on factorial 9! a Fractal Harmonic Method with equations using
The quantum Standard Model Experimental CODATA values

examples are
1.274 MeV/c2 M9! Charm Quark
Matrix9! 362880/1.274 M9! Charm Quark Constant
362880/1.274 = 284835.16483516485
284835.16483516485/.16483516485 = 1728000.0000000

Matrix9! 362880/172 M9! Top Quark Constant
362880/172 = 2109.767441860465
2109.767441860465/.767441860465 = 2749.090909090909
2749.09090909090909/.09090909090909 = 30240.000000000

Matrix9! 362880/2535 Dodd T. Smith Geometric Weak Force Constant
362880/2535 = 143.14792899408283
143.14792899408283/.14792899408283 = 967.6800000000
967.68/.68 = 1423.0588235294115
1423.0588235294115/.0588235294115 = 24192.00000000
24192/64 = 378

378/8 = 47.25
47.25/.25 = 189
189/9 = 21

362880/24192 = 15
15/5 = 5

Matrix9! 362880/137.036 Fine Structure Constant
362880/137.036 = 2648.063282641058
2648.063282641058/.063282641058 = 41845.0184501?
41845.0184501845/.018450184501845 = 2268000.0000000 M9! Constant
2268000/8000 = 283.5
283.5/.5 = 567

2268000/567 = 4000

More are in https://we.tl/XfpwjOPLpH
Would it be possible for you to take a look and email me on you thoughts

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